Hola Idaan – Que Pasa

6:00 AM – No water again this morning. Double Bummer!

As a side piece of information, when these apartments were being marketed, they talked about having a water reserve tank and a community area in the apartments. That is the difference between marketing in Panama and the real world. I remember almost renting a house in Boquete when I first moved to Chiriqui. I asked the builder about Internet and water and he said both were available. I subsequently asked the neighbors in the area and found that there were significant water problems and they had been waiting on a phone for two years.

UPDATE: 3:45 PM – the water has returned.

UPDATE : 9:30 PM – Water is back off.

UPDATE: May 4, 2010 – Have a trickle of water. Don’t think it is sufficient to kick on the water heater, so it will be a cold shower tonight. 🙁

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  1. When I lived in Nicaragua a real estate developer sold some remote ocean view property near Costa Rica’s border. When the buyer started to built they learned the power company will not install a power line until they had six customers. Just one customer would not justify them to run a line. Ask. ask. ask. Before.

  2. There are neighborhoods in the city of David that have water constantly
    only about 4 or 5 hours a day, and this has been going on for years.
    Living abroad has its difficulities and adaptation is the only key. Not
    only is there water problems, but also trash pick up problems, not
    enough police in towns outside of David, and much more. People
    have to be ready for these inteferences and it will help to cope with
    them more if adaptations are in place. Living here for over 13yrs, and
    I am still adapting.

  3. Water problems are a normal thing in Panama but it is not a difficult thing to solve. Buy a plastic tank of about 200 gallons and sink it into the ground. Have the water from IDAAN enter thru a float valve that shuts off the flow of water when the tank is full. Buy a pump and pressure tank from Bombesa in David or from Franklin Jurado. Order a Square D pressure switch with a low pressure cutoff from amazon.com for $20. Install the pump with a foot valve at the bottom of the tank. Set the pressure to operate between 30 and 50 lbs and you are in business. Everything is available here in Panama except the pressure switch. Don’t buy a pressure switch here without the low pressure cutoff or else you will burn out your pump if there is no water in the tank. Don’t rely too much on the advice of the people who sell pumps here because they don’t know much. With such a system you will enough of water with good pressure most of the time. Don’t put a big tank way up in the air like many people do here. It is more expensive and won’t give you good pressure. Really the system is very simple. You only need a shallow well pump which should cost about $125. It should have a long nose on the front and be a shallow well pump, not a cheap utility pump that will give you no pressure. I have installed four such systems here in Chiriqui and they all work great. The most expensive thing is the pressure tank which should be at least 20 gallons or else the pump will short cycle. Hope this helps someone.

    Robert Gillies

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