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  1. Hi Don Ray,
    In reading the census form, here’s your chance to be counted on water! A couple of questions are about where and how often do you get your drinking water.

    Also included are questions about garbage and one of the options is burn it.

    Now, as to whether the government will do anything about those issues is anyone’s guess but at least they will have the data.

    I also downloaded the last census results and they are in 2 Excel spreadsheets, all hardcoded data, no formulas. Maybe the results were tallied in another spreadsheet but my guess is no.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. Don,
    I used to live in a neighborhood that often had low or no water. For a few hundred bucks I put in a holding tank with a small pressure tank and a pump. Problem solved, and it was no problem to take it with me when I moved.

  3. Hi Charles. I have done that before when I was in a house, but it is more difficult in an apartment.

    I post these rants more to raise the awareness of people considering coming to Panama than anything else. I never thought about having adequate water where I lived in the US. Many gringos move to Panama and are rudely awakened to the problem after buying in an area and finding that they don’t have water, Internet and maybe no land-line telephone.

  4. Hi Don;

    There are these little inconveniences, but at the end of the day after living in such a beautiful country among so many wonderful people it is still better than living in North America. I as well can not get a land-line phone and Internet, but my gracious Panamanian neighbour bought a router so I can use his Internet and offered the use of his phone when I want to phone Canada. Panama, what a country. Panama is not for everyone but with a bit of patience and a big sense of hummer, it is a great place to live. Keep those water jugs full Don and remember you could be living in the good old USA.

  5. Hi Glen. I agree with you. If one sets their expectations appropriatly, then Panama looks much better than if you are looking for the US experience at a cheaper price.

  6. Hi Glen,
    You are right, living in some places in Panama is exactly like living in the USA when it was old, maybe a hundred years ago. And that is not a bad thing. The USA of a hundred years ago was filled with self-sufficient folks like you who managed to live a good life and cope with whatever arrived each day.

    To me, that is the part of Panama that I like best, adapting to the environment instead of trying to make everywhere look and operate like downtown Dallas.

    Don’t forget to take the occasional gift to the neighbor for his thoughtfulness, that’s how Panama works.

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx
    (and sometimes, Boquete/Arraiján/David)

  7. From La Prensa

    Suspended classes in the district of David for lack of water

    David, Chiriqui, Due to suspension of the distribution of potable water in most public schools in the district of David, classes were suspended for the day on Tuesday 4 May.

    The provincial leadership of the Ministry of Education said that the suspension of classes in the afternoon shift of some schools is at the discretion of the directors, ie whether or not resolved the problem with the water for those hours.

    Meanwhile, it was reported by the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewage Systems which again takes that provide raw water to the treatment plant located in Dolega were blocked due to heavy rains happened yesterday, Monday.

    In David, in the last six days the water supply service has been suspended on three occasions.

  8. Hi Scott. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. Knowing the problem makes me feel a little better, but not much.

  9. Well maybe this will make you feel better, I have not been without water at all here 🙂

  10. It is true that if you have city water in the States, then you will not be without water very often like here in Panama. On the other hand with city water in the States try watering your garden and flowers very much in the summertime and see how high your water bill will be. Here in Panama the cost of water is very cheap.

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