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I received the following information, by email, that may be of interest to those of you needing to fly between David and Panama City.

Aproveche nuestra venta especial y compre su boleto ida y vuelta de Panamá a David o viceversa con una tarifa de solo $ 99.00.+IMPUESTOS

Condiciones de la tarifa:

1- La tarifa no incluye impuestos y cargos, los mismos deben ser cancelados por el cliente.

2- Fecha de compra: del 19 de abril al 25 de abril del 2010.

3- Fecha para completar el vuelo: del 19 de abril al 31 de mayo de 2010.

4- La venta de boletos está sujeta a la disponibilidad de asientos al momento de la compra.

5- No aplica para venta de boletos de 1 vía.

6- No se permite cambios de fecha. Aplica nivelación tarifaria en caso de cambio de fecha de vuelo.

7- No se permite reemisión del boleto. Aplica nivelación tarifaria y cargos administrativos vigentes en caso de reemisión.

8- Esta tarifa no está sujeta a descuentos u otras promociones.

9- La tarifa no es comisionable.

Lo invitamos a visitarnos en o llamarnos al 378-6000 para hacer su compra.


Take advantage of this great promotion & buy a round trip ticket from Panamá to David or viceversa at $ 99.00 fare.

Fare conditions:

1- Fare does not include taxes and surcharges.

2- Parchase date: from april 19 to april 25, 2010.

3- Date to complete de the flight : May 31, 2010.

4- The sale of this fare is subject to availability at the moment of the sale

5- One way tickets are not available in this promotion.

6- Change of dates are not permitted with this fare, must be reemitted to a full fare ticket to apply.

7- Remission of the ticket are not permitted with this fare, must be reemitted to a full fare ticket to apply.

8- No discount or promotions are available with this fare

9- This is a no comissionable fare.

We invite you to visit us at or call us at (507) 378-6000 and buy your ticket today.

2 thoughts on “AeroPerlas Special

  1. Just as a matter of interest…….We flew Air Panama from David to Allbrook on February 25th, on our way to Amsterdam and on to Malta, and had to pay $19.00 and change for excess baggage. On the return flight on April 1st, they did not charge although we brought back more than we took.

  2. Hi Mike. Personally, I have always found Air Panama to be more liberal than AeroPerlas when it comes to luggage charge. You would have paid both ways with AeroPerlas.

    How was your Malta visit. Are you going to make the move?

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