Not the Terlingua Chili Cook Off, But Closer

I just received the following email.

Howdy Ya’all!

Dana and I are in the process of organizing a Boquete’s first (well, maybe second) chili cook off! It will be Sunday the 16th of May at Cultura’s Restaurant. There will be a prize for first place! And it is a chance to expose your expertise with chili pepper and the bean to over 150 people! We are seeking 6-12 brave (and proud) participants.

If chili is not your thing – enter the salsa/pico contest! Prizes are available for this contest too!

If you have questions please email or give me a call at 6779-0181.


Now if I only knew what and where Cultura’s Restaurant is.

5 thoughts on “Not the Terlingua Chili Cook Off, But Closer

  1. Culturas is in the Old Lebanese restaurant building about 2 blocks behind the Los Establos Shopping Center… on the road you take to get to Valle Escondido. Nice reasonable lunch specials, $1.00 beer and free wifi.

  2. Don, Chili cookoff and beans were mentioned together.

    Does someone think there are beans in real chili?


  3. Hi bt. I just post these types of announcements. I don’t write them or create the events. Pam describes herself as a “Displaced Texas female”. Maybe the beans were the reason she was displaced. 🙂

  4. BT….

    Yes, I am well aware that in Texas beans in chili are sacrilegious! But we are a multi-cultural community here in Boquete and prefer to practice tolerance – even when it comes to the issue of chili!

    Buen Provecho!

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