Mario’s Pizza in Boquete

Papa Ricco’s is gone and replaced with Mario’s Pizza. I think Papa Ricco’s real business was setting up pizza places and then selling them.

Mario’s is sort of Italy meets Philadelphia. The current menu is Pizza, Salad, and Philadelphia Cheese Steak. This is a new business and the wrinkles have not totally been worked out, but the quality is there and when people know about them, I think they will return for more.

One at out table ordered the Philadelphia Cheese Steak. It must have been good, because when I reached over to try a taste, I got a fork in the hand. (Just kidding) It will be what I try on my next visit because I love Philadelphia cheese steak.

I ordered a pepperoni pizza. I thought the flavor was much better than Papa Riccos and the crust was soooo much better than Papa Riccos. The crust is still not as good as Popeye’s in David, but I am willing to bet that this is by far the best pizza in the Boquete area.

Another ordered the vegetarian pizza and was happy with it.

Here is Mario and his lovely wife. By the way, they sell pizza by the slice.

They recently moved to Panama from Philadelphia. Stop in and welcome them to Panama and tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

11 thoughts on “Mario’s Pizza in Boquete

  1. I will do just that, Don. I had already stopped in there the first day they took ownership, but they were not open for business, of course. Seem like nice folks and I just love a great pizza!

  2. Ya know, after a quad bypass procedure last week, I may just have to stop looking at these posts. I’m just re-gaining a tiny bit of appetite, but just made major gains looking at this.

  3. I see this place is listed for sale on Craigslist. The ad states they’ve been in business there for two years. I had been, and still am interested in exploring the possibilities. Any Thoughts or comments? Thanks, Bob

  4. I guess Is the ad you found. The ad is a little misleading. It has only operated as Mario’s Pizza for a couple months. Before that it was Pappa Ricco’s Pizza. Whether Pappa Ricco’s was there for two years I don’t know. I only ate at Pappa Ricco’s twice while it was in existance.

    I think they told me they had been open for a a week or two the day I ate there and took these photos. Sorry to see them go. I guess I missed my Philadelphia cheese steak.

  5. Ricco was open for business at that location less than a year. Can’t open a restaurant business and expect instant positive cash flow… can’t establish a business if your hours are erratic, your place looks closed from the road, you are closed when you are supposed to be open, you have early closing hours, and you are closed during holidays. Then anyone following has to undo that, plus.
    OK, they are selling but are they still open?

  6. Thanks Don Ray and Joe.

    Yes Joe, Mario’s is still open for business.

    And I’m with you 100% on your business philosophy. I’m not totally discouraged at this point, just prepared for the worse. Thanks for the info guys. Anything else that would/could help me in my decision will be appreciated.

    But let’s not beat him up too bad on line, I believe he’s trying hard, perhaps he is just a little overwhelmed.

    Thanks again, Bob

  7. I will second ‘there is no good pizza in Boquete’ though I haven’t checked out the new place just over the bridge.
    Bob, my comments weren’t directed only at Mario (btw, read somewhere he had been robbed). I think he has done some positive things such as the ‘2 slices and a drink’, and sandwiches, and I don’t know his specific hours.
    Previously you had a choice of a large pizza or a dinner… but one size doesn’t fit all, we don’t all eat dinner for lunch, and some of us like to eat later than 7 PM.

  8. We have been to pappa riccos many times in the last year, it is THE BEST pizza in or around boquete , we went to mario’s a few weeks ago, the pizza was no better than i can buy at RAYS and put a little on it, and the restaurant looked like a family gathering, all the kids playing on the PC, all the rest of the family, ( family, hired help, and all the other family members, really did not make it a place i would do again.
    Pappa Rico has moved to a new location in Alto Boquete in the gas station complex, and sells it all, including meatball sandwitches, and eggplant, all buy the slice or the whole pizza, opens at noon, ( closed mon- tues) you can not make it at home as good and not for the price !!

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