Chiriquí Center is Getting Closer

I was driving by Chiriquí Center yesterday and thought it was time to take some photos.

You know that David is growing up when you see a BMW dealership coming in.

Motive Hogar has been open for a while and has Kids furniture and other items. I will try to go take photos one of these days. I didn’t have time yesterday.

I think this looks like a professional photo studio that is going in.

It should be too long before the center is ready to open and currently there are several locations to rent.

If you stop in any of these locations, tell them you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

15 thoughts on “Chiriquí Center is Getting Closer

  1. Professional photo studio…very cool. I wondered how many portrait shops existed in David. Hope they can generate the volume to cover their overhead. Overhead can kill a photo business here in the USA. I’m interested in peaking inside (smile) but won’t be able to peak for a few more months.

  2. Don Ray:
    Where is this new shopping center located? Ah! Don’t worry, I still read your blog daily, even if I do not comment. Is my favorite blog in the WWW (Hint: spoke to my mother).

  3. Hi Don
    Last week, we visited Motive Hogar, the furniture store. I found it a little strange that NO PHOTOS signs are posted inside the store. I didn’t ask why because we were hurrying to finish our errands and get back up to Volcán before dark. However, I kept thinking about it on drive home. When you find time to go back and take photos, please let us know about their policy.
    Thanks for all you do.

  4. Hi Azel. There are a few stores that haven’t let me take photos. The worst is Arrocha and I have asked the David management to contact the president of the store with no results. Super Baru is another.

    I will give it a try someday.

  5. Don Ray:
    Thanks for the BD wishes, yes, mine is tomorrow. If the stores do not allow you to take pictures, then, do not do business with them. They do not see that you are actually promoting (in a way) their business.

  6. Nice home furniture, 5 or 6 models for kids and young people; if you like quality wallpaper this is the place to go, they have several catalogues. About the pictures, I have seen this policy in many furniture stores in Panama; the girl in charge told me this is made to avoid being copied by other dealers, a dishonest practice largely seen in the country. I needed a couple of pictures to show to my wife and she promised to send it by mail. Hope so !

  7. Hello Don! well… yeah im the girl in charge, ur more than welcome to come by anytime =) and even though we cant allow ppl to take pics im more than glaad to send them to their emails if they like any furniture in particular… hopefully this mall will open soon so we have much more customers but for now we are still working and anyone that just want to come by is more than welcome here =)

    Have a good day and well if u want info or something to make a review on ur site let me know to send u some info =)


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