Cough Cough

More city fire violations. I am trying to call to report the violation, but the phone is not being answered. 103 is the number to call the fire department. I have been calling for 20 minutes and only get a busy signal.

UPDATE: After 30 minutes of busy signal, I decided to drive over to our local fire department.

I talked to Franklin who was in charge. He told me that the call really had to be made to “Corregiduria”. The number is 775-3142 for David.

I also got the local fire station number for the Terronal area. It is 774-4562.

If you live in David, I would recommend that you learn the number for the fire station that serves you. Obviously, you can’t count on the 103 emergency number.

Franklin also told me that the fire station sell fire extinguishers in case you wondered where to buy one.

I have called the Corregiduria and reported the incident. They said they would send an inspector.

UPDATE: When I did the original post, I made an error in the number for the Terronal Fire Department. If you recorded it yesterday, please use the corrected number above.

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