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As you know, writers sometimes take literary license when they write. I have no problem with that as long as the facts of what is written do not change. Today I see that I need to make a small objection to the literary license that Don Winner took in his post related to Paul Nunes.

Part of Don’s execution, of literary license, causes some of what I wrote to be in question, and I feel that I must present the facts.

As I mentioned in my post, I have been working with the son and daughter of Paul Nunes and the US Embassy since the news of Paul’s death was known and the Embassy called me. In an early communication with Aline, and after I understood the dire straights of she and her brother Brandon, I asked if she had a PayPal account that could be used to request assistance. I told Aline, that many of my readers have helped when I have posted requests for assistance for Panamanian’s and I felt that they would step up if I asked them to.

She said that she had a personal PayPal account, but thought it would be better to not use her email address and create one specifically for this purpose. I thought that was a good idea.

She created the PayPal account and gave the information to both Don Winner and myself and we both posted donation requests.

Last night Aline and I were talking on SKYPE and I said I was a little surprised that there were not more donations. She then told me that Don Winner had sent her a URL stating that Don Winner was scamming people and that the donation request was created by Don Winner and the money was going to him. This infuriated me.

I told Aline that I was going to post a piece related to the fraudulent website and I would leave a comment on the website as well. She said she was writing a reply to what the site had said and would send it to me so I would know what was going to be posted by Don.

I asked Aline to go into her PayPal account and send me the screen captures, so that I could show that the account belonged to her and was in her name and the currant amount of the donations. I used these screen captures that Aline sent with the donor’s name removed, in my post of last night.

I further tried to post a comment on the fraudulent site, but it would not accept my comment, so I updated my post with the comment that I had attempted to post on the site.

I went to bed thinking that the situation was corrected and that the donation faucet would open again, now that validity of the fund had been provided.

Around noon today, I finally got a chance to see if Don Winner had a chance to post on the fraudulent website. I finally found the post and saw that it is a part of the ongoing battle between Don and Jerry Hall.

I was surprised to see that literary license had altered what Aline had sent Don Winner to post. She did give Don authorization to edit it, but I don’t consider the changes he made as editing.

I am going to post the email that she had forwarded to me, so that her content can be seen. You can compare it to what was written in the Panama Guide.

From: Bay Native <Removed by DRW>
Subject: Re: FW: Don Winner Running a Scam to Collect Money
To: “Don Winner” <>
Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 6:29 PM

WOW I am shocked at reading this because the was set up by ME, Aline Nunes, Paul’s daughter and I am the only one that has access to that account! It is public record in Don Ray Williams blog that he asked ME to set it up.
It also saddens me that someone would tell such lies that have obviously been believed because my fathers burial fund has only raised $406.81 to date. Now that this has been brought to my attention I’m sure this is why 🙁
I am an unemployed, single mother of two, under almost $15,000 debt. I now get food stamps and have been collecting bottles and cans since loosing my job at a local newspaper. I am on Medi-Cal and am suffering from malabsorption weighing in at 102 lbs. All of my peers are unemployed so there isn’t anyone I can ask for money from for gosh sake.
Whoever wrote those lies did it to hurt someone who has actually been very helpful to me and in the process has brought more stress and pain to an already very stressful and painful situation. I have not been able to do anything or have anyone do anything because I simply don’t have the resources needed at this point to get anything done. I am very grateful to Don Ray Williams and Don Winners for all their efforts on my behalf as it has all been done out of the goodness of their hearts. They don’t know me, (though now they probably feel like they do because of many phone/email conversations), nor my father but they have been MOST helpful. For that, again, I am eternally grateful.

Maybe I rambled and you might wanna edit some of this I wrote it in pieces because I’ve had a lot of interruptions but Don Williams (talked w/him on skype a moment ago) is also posting something that will help you on this.

I am sorry, but some of the changes that were made cause me some problems. With the literary license changes, I say in my blog that I asked Aline to set up the PayPal account and Don Winner’s site says that Don Winner asked her to set up the PayPal account.

The email she sent to Don Winner says:

It is public record in Don Ray Williams blog that he asked ME to set it up.

Another example of literary license appears in the changing of the order of her statement of gratitude to Don Winner and myself.

I am very grateful to Don Ray Williams and Don Winners for all their efforts on my behalf as it has all been done out of the goodness of their hearts.

Why it was necessary for him put his name first I guess was important to him.

In the last part of her email, she mentions to Don Winner that I would be posting something that would help him. Don obviously could not mention my post, because it would create conflict with his writing.

Lastly, nowhere in Aline’s email did she authorize Don Winner to post her email address.

I am sure someone is going to leave me a comment telling me that I should ignore the small things, because the important issue was to let people know that the Burial fund is legitimate, and that was accomplished.

I agree. That is the important issue and no one should have any doubts now. However the abuse of literary license created problems for me.

18 thoughts on “Literary License

  1. Don Winner is a self-aggrandizing, egotistical shill for the corporate real estate interests in Panama. Period.

  2. Richard: Don Winner from what I gather is doing a great service to the expatriots in Panama in educating them as to customs Laws and what really is to be expected. I don’t personally know Don, but as an American living here who has roots in Panama dating back to 1972. He’s Right on! “Don’t Hate the Players, hate the game.”

  3. Jim…my opinion of Don Winner, and we all know that opinions, like the south end of the alimentary system, everyone has one, stands as stated.

    Personally, I think Don Ray provides a better service to expatriates (NOT “expatriots” which means someone who used to be a patriot but is not one any longer whereas an EXPATRIATE [from the Latin Patria: country] is one who migrates from another country) without shilling for corporate real estate interests.

  4. Jim: I don’t want you to feel I was being snide with my remark about “expatriot” vs “expatriate.” Words have meanings and you made a common mistake. As a former magazine editor and instructional assistant in the English department in college it’s difficult for me to let things like that pass. Forgive me for being pedantic.

  5. Richard: Sorry that my ability to spell doesn’t quite meet your educational level of expertise. Someone had to care for the country while you were at school.

  6. Pedantic: “Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules”

  7. Enough, already !

    I, too, noted the discrepancy between the two posts and and chalked it up to Don Winner doing what he does…promote himself. I’m sure anyone who has any familiarity with the two blogs was able to discern compassion from megalomania. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, though, I suppose it’s possible both Dons came up with the same suggestion at some point.

    It IS unfortunate that Mr. Winner has unintentionally embroiled a grieving family in his personal feuds to that family’s detriment. On the other hand, it’s time for the Nunes siblings to graciously accept what’s been gifted them and utilize family resources, friendships, and/or financial institutions to come up with the rest of their needs.

  8. Hi TOC. Normally, I would agree with you. However, knowing what I know, there is a higher likelihood of getting money by way of the PayPal account that there is of. Financial institutions do not make loans to people in the situations they find themselves in.

  9. Yore rite, rb, y shud we be bothrd by such silli things as propre speling and noncents like that?

  10. Don’s site does contain some useful things and I do read it. He is however self-absorbed and thinks he is more important than he really is. I remember reading about the propane explosion in PC, how he has access to everything, how he knew the cause before the flames were put out and so-on.

    I look at his site as more of an entertainment site for the English speaking community here than real news. It does get old at times having to flip through all of his personal wars with people to get to any “news”. La Prena and a good translator work better.

  11. Back to the Nunes. My point is, Aline and Brandon have been offered free lodging, discounted airfare, and at least $ 400. in cash. That’s a good start. It’s unfortunate the pay pal account / burial fund hasn’t been able to raise more. Consistent appeals for more money won’t hurt, I suppose. But when it seems the well has run dry (or been contaminated) then it’s time to start seeking alternative options. The sometimes dysfunctional expat community in Panama is a small fraction of available resources. After being raked through the muck for no reason of their own, these two young adults might consider moving away from Panama as a focus and accessing state, local and community resources here in the states. The California Dept of Social Services, the Dept of Family and Child Welfare, or the California Crime Victim Compensation Program may be able to offer some guidance. Community charitible organizations and churches may be willing to help as well. Appealing to neighbors and friends for small contributions might add a little. There might possibly be someone with surplus airline miles that could contribute toward a free ticket. Most colleges have some emergency funds available for students. Brandon might consider exploring this. Aline could try accessing a social worker through her Medi-Cal services. There are professionals who can provide advice and assistance if sought out. Seek them out. Ask for their help.
    If there’s life insurance, try to get an advance. Contact the social security administration for whatever assistance they can provide. Call the local TV stations and ask them to publicize an appeal for help, or get their investigative reporter to explore options. Perhaps these suggestions have already been entertained, but if not they might be worth trying.

  12. Hi J&N. I am glad you asked that, because that has raised a lot of questions and needs to be answered. Paul was coming to Panama for a fresh start. No money, but big ideas. He brought all that he had with him and in as far as Panama is concerned, his building company is a shell on which he would build his new business. Don’t confuse this company with a real company with people in it.

    I can’t tell you how many builder companies I have seen, while I have lived in Panama, that have been run by gringos with the purpose of building homes or condos for other gringos, that failed with many buyers being held in the lurch.

    It could be that many gringos were lucky that this company had never gotten far enough to have their money for a future construction.

    There is no company with assets to take care of the problem.

  13. Thanks for clearing that up, Don Ray. I think that anyone who is unfamiliar with the way business is done in Panama (or any foreign culture) is in for a very tough time. Starting a new business in the US only meets with success about half the time.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  14. we have had articles written in two local newspapers here. i have contacted anyone i know that knew my father (which is only a few people). ive been to social security office. there was no insurance. his business wasnt worth anything. he was a custom home builder who basically would get financing for one peice of property then financing to build a custom home and then hewould build it and i would usually help him on the weekends for extra cash as a paid under the table laborer. he would then sell the house and then use funds from that to put down on another lot and a loan for another home to build. he was doing alright until the housing market tanked and used the last of his funds to survive the last few years since building and selling homes just wasnt going to happen anymore. so he moved to texas in hopes of a better market for his services and when that didnt pan out he decided to move to panama as he was under the impression that he was more marketable there. i know if this happened in the states it would be much easier to get help with monetary donations and donated services. but as it is im not sure what else can be done. my father was living on social security benefits as he was trying to get some business started which it sounded to me that he had some contacts and would have something going soon. he had a problem with his benefits and i actually wired him a couple hundred so he could eat the week before his death. which shocked me as hes always had money before. he was a very proud man and wouldnt have asked me for it but i offered it to him which he initially refused but later graciously excepted because he was in such a hard spot. i know my dad very well as he raised me by himself and i know that he would have had a job going within a couple months and he would have been fine. he always found a way to get something from nothing he was an expert at doing that. his resourcefulness always amazed me. some of the programs charlotte mentioned ive never heard of before so i didnt know to look into it. i dont know how it would work being that this all took place out of the country but i shall look into it, thanks for the advice.

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