Cable Onda – Are you there?

This is the third day that channels 70 (ABC)  and 71 (CBS) are not working. I haven’t checked all other channels. When I miss Survivor, things are beginning to get serious.

Now where did I put that number to Cable Onda.

UPDATE: I just tried the missing channels at 5:10 PM and they are back. Only out for three days. Surely, more people called besides me?

11 thoughts on “Cable Onda – Are you there?

  1. 730-5575

    Let us know if you get through, which is difficult when there is a wide spread problem.

  2. Another Cable Onda telephone number is … 390-7555. Make sure that you have your “numero de suscriptor” (subscription number) handy or you probably will not get any further in the call. Good luck!

    Oh yes, we are having continuing problems with Fox News (channel 72) where the sound is frequently out of sync with the picture.

    By the way, CBS is channel 71 on our box … and I’m hoping we have it restored in time to watch the final rounds of the Masters Golf Tournament.

    Hopefully, a Cable Onda customer relations person will see these comments and do something to improve their communications with their clients!

  3. Sounds like business as usual at Cable Onda. One of my pet peeves over the years is that shows I have been watching in English are suddenly no longer in English. The latest victim is Channel 81, SciFi channel, where all Star Trek episodes are now in Spanish. Unfortunately, Cable Onda TV is about as good as it gets in Panama. Compared to local TV stations which it appears are staffed by high school journalism students, Cable Onda may have some college students on staff.


  4. Hi Robert. It is 71 on my box as well. That was a finger check. 🙂

    I am currently on hold —– as of now it is 20 minutes. I was disconnected after 20 minute wait.

    On hold the second time. Current wait time 6 minutes and disconnected again.

    On hold for the third time. Current wait time 7 minutes and just connected with a representative in Spanish. Time with a very polite representative was about 10 minutes. They are aware they have a problem with those channels and I could not get an estimated time that the problem would be resolved. I assume ESPN will have to be carrying the Masters to see it.

    This is a perfect example why it is very worthwhile to learn to communicate in Spanish. I know if I only spoke English, I would have been at a complete loss and frustrated and potentially upset. As it is, I know that they know they have a problem with ABC and CBS. Not knowing it it will be fixed in the near future goes with living in Panama.

  5. Don’t worry about it, Robert. Fox News is often out of sync with reality as well. You can tell that from its viewer’s states of mind.

  6. OUCH!!!! Welcome to Panama. Patience is a virtue. You can call as many times as you want but, it will be straightened out when Cable Onda corrects the problem. Look at whatever you can get with other providers and see those problems. Calling providers here is a problem in addition to trying to get a warranty excercised, for some reason non-existent. OUCH AND OUCH. Have a nice day.
    PS. Just want to let everyone know that we are having problems with Union Fenosa. Minimal power into the house and extreme surges and higher light bills. ANOTHER OUCH.

  7. Hi Charlotte. I hope you have your PC on a good UPS. Surge suppressors don’t always protect your PC well enough with the voltage fluctuations we get here in Panama.

  8. Perhaps, FTA (free-to-air) satellite would be a good option in Panama. I tested it in the U.S. and it worked great for a while with over 1500 channels. The service works through servers, which are located abroad. You can obtain signals from Dishnet…. (U.S.) and other providers from the south like Amazon..

    I don’t know if it is legal or not in Panama. I would assume that you would need a big dish too (1 – 3 meters). The boxes currently used are the Nfusion, Viewsat, K-box, Sonicview, etc…

    It’s just a thought. I have heard of its presence in Panama, but mostly in Costa Rica.

  9. Well I have +Tv Digital in the City and its a lot better quality, but the Sci Fi channel etc are now Spanish also, I think its more of a content provider choice from the sat network, not so much a businesses choice here on the ground. Customer service is a little better and its working out cheaper. Only downside is they didnt show the classico last weekend (I think Cableonda have rights to 1 and CW have rights to one, doh!)

    I hear they will be in David in August, but its only a rumor at this point, nothing official I have found yet.

  10. Hi Russ. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I have heard rumors that C&W is bringing TV capability to this area, but no real facts. At the present, Cable Onda appears to be the best in David to me.

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