Conversational English Event – Saturday the 10th

I received the following request for Conversational English Event. If you can assist, pleas contact Patricia.

From……: patrica

Hi Don! It’s me again! Just letting you know that I am having another activity with my students at the University Nueva Luz (Located in the Terronal-American School). I am in the afternoon now, and this group is not as advanced as the morning group. But I still want to see their interaction with native English speakers. This time the students will be offering a “brindis” of tipial Panamanian foods. The activity will begin around eleven thirty and last until about three. I want to try to involve both groups together this time. Mostly because one group is more advanced and maybe the others will see that they too will advance just as the others did. Anyone volunteers for this activity and will be greatly appreciated. It will take place on Saturday 10th. If any one has any questions they can contact me at 6455-6256 or Thanks!

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