Say Moo

Yesterday, returning from Boquete, a car coming toward me was flashing its lights. I wondered if it was a traffic accident or a license check, but soon learned it was just some cows crossing the road.

I am sure that that there has been additional money allocated in the four lane highway fund to build an overpass for cattle to cross.

5 thoughts on “Say Moo

  1. Ja Ja Ja! Dont you just love that..

    It was just some cows crossing the road.. Very Funny, and “Only in Panama!”

    Another “Only in Panama”..

    Where other drivers alert you to the presence of cops!

    When I first got to Panama about 7 years ago, I wondered what all the flashing lights were about, then I soon realized it was other divers alerting us to the presence of Traffic Cops!.. so cool. No one ever does that in the UK!!

  2. Hi Omayra. Not sure these would make the best steaks.

    Hi Samantha. I am used to flashing lights warning of radar traps in the US. In Panama, I never know what to expect around the bend. 🙂

  3. In San Pablo cows are more common than cars & always have the right of way. We had our annual comunity meeting Sunday & sure enough, cattle showed up.

  4. Ah, Don Ray, I fear you may have been away from Texas for too long. Almost every year there is a traffic report in Dallas for escaped cattle wandering into the mixmaster in the wee hours of the morning.

    And once, on I-20 west of Fort Worth, the alert was issued to drivers to watch out for emus on the highway. Seems that emu burgers never caught on and “ranchers” were just turning them loose in lieu of feeding them. 🙂
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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