CECREPAG, S.A. Updated Price List

I received an email the other day from CECREPAG, S.A., Which is the cremation facility in Chiriquí. The email contained an updated price list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. I tried to figure out an easy way to display it, but I am feeling lazy and am just going to put the spreadsheet on my server. If you are interested in the prices, the spreadsheet has four tabs and you can download it HERE.

If your PC doesn’t have Excel, then download OpenOffice and you will have all the benefits of Microsoft Office for free.  It will work on Microsoft systems, Apple Mac systems and Linux systems.

7 thoughts on “CECREPAG, S.A. Updated Price List

  1. Perhaps, you can help Don Ray.

    You mentioned spread sheet. I’ve been using computers for years and the word spread sheet is used with the same sense of commonality as words like download and print-out. Nevertheless, I don’t have the slightest idea what a spread sheet is.

    I’m reminded here of RSS feed you no doubt fully grasp what that means, but it is just about impossible to look up the definition and to get a solid, meaningful description.

  2. Thanks. I looked at that and it did help. From time to time in libraries I see older guys (always older guys) doing their own “spread sheets” laborously by hand on financial charts. Faster by computer, no doubt.

    I also googled RSS. That will remain a mystery.

    Here is another computer question that is pretty simple, but none of the commentators have mentioned it. Can the new Ipad be used as a wireless computer without paying for a phone/network connection?

    Charlie Rose last night was in awe about the Ipad (as we all could be about laptops). He was essentially saying that we can carry world around with us in our pocket.

  3. Hi Tom. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. Many websites, such as CC, use it. You can click on the orange RSS feed icon above and it will give you an address that allows News readers to notify an interested party if new items have been posted by the site.

    The IPAD has two models. One is wireless and should be able to do the same things a normal notebook could do with the Internet connecting to any of the wireless hotspots that may be found. This should work in Panama.

    The other is a 3G connection and I think this is only valid currently connecting with the ATT 3G network in the US. This model will not work in Panama.

    One big question remaining with the Ipad is that of security. If your wireless connection is not secure, then I would not use it in Panama or elsewhere for that matter. Not knowing the OS, I doubt that currently you would be able to connect to a VPN server.

    While it looks like a neat gadget, I think those that wait will be wise. I am not normally a “NEW” adopter.

  4. Thanks Don Ray:

    You’ve provided a very concise description of the Ipad. If a person isn’t going to use the “telephone” aspect, probably the advantages of a small laptop outweigh the the advantages of the Ipad although the ability to get “books” would be rather neat.

    There are long lines here in the states at Apple stores, but, like you, I can’t see that that makes any sense.

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