A Three For One

I am catching up on lagging posts so I am going to make this post a threefer.

Yesterday, after making trips to the Police station and Hospital Regional, I decided to give myself a treat and have lunch at Mrs. Mendozas in David. I chose the steak Mendozas and a margarita.

The two for one margaritas have been dropped and the price of a margarita has been reduced to $3.50. I still think this is the best margarita I have had in Chiriquí, but several more rival it. Still for size and quality, it is hard to beat.

The steak Mendoza was very good and at $8.00 a reasonable value. The meat had been marinated with a hint of garlic and was very tender.

The second of the threefers was our Sunday Lunch at El Rincón Libanés in David. It is always one of my favorites. I had filet Milanese. It was super.

Another had fried shrimp and gave it two thumbs up.

The last was curried shrimp, and it also got high reviews.

The third of the threefers was my visit to Antijitos in Boquete last Saturday. It had been over a year since I had stopped in to see Maritriny. She is as beautiful and hospitable as ever. We got to the restaurant about 11:30 AM and didn’t leave until 4:00 PM. After a year, that was a lot to catch up on.

I don’t think this sign was there the last time I ate at Antijitos.

Here is the front of the restaurant.

I ate chiliquilos and they were great.

One interesting thing I learned, from Maritriny, was that restaurants that have music playing, the source is unimportant, have to pay a tax to the government. I assume it is a tax. Antijitos is a small restaurant and she plays her own CDs and the music from her kitchen qualifies. She pays $14.00 a month. I couldn’t believe it. She went and got her invoice and there it was. $14.00. She said that establishments that are larger and have televisions have to pay more.

I promise that I do more than just eat in Panama, but I have to admit that there are not many things I enjoy more.

4 thoughts on “A Three For One

  1. Looks like a pretty good deal to me. Although,I have never had good luck with the quality of beef in Panama.

  2. When I was “house hunting” last November in the Boquete area, I ate several times at Antojitos. The food was excellent (they even had TexMex-style chili) and the owner was just as you describe her… just a friendly, warm, welcoming lady. Thanks for the tips on the other places I hadn’t yet heard of.

  3. Hi Don,

    We tried the Lebanese restaurant and were not impressed.
    Very slow service, small portions, high prices, mediocre quality.
    Maybe we should not have ordered the Lebanese dishes – hummus, babagnoush, marinated grilled beef and instead tried the gringo dishes?
    Fried shrimp and french fries doesn’t sound too lebanese!

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