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New 2 Year Visa?

I am posting the following two emails, that I just received. I know nothing more than you will know after reading this email, as it is the first time I have seen it. While the first email said I can help, that would be difficult today, because my day is be pretty booked and I know nothing. However, if this is for a future event, I am available after I know more.

If you are aware of this new visa, feel free to leave a comment, but based on the email, today is the last day. However, that may be for the Bocas event.

I have sent an email to the US Embassy in Panama requesting more information on the 2 year visa, and will update when I learn more.

Saria / Jaun,

Following is copy of email sent to my Bocas List, including Americans and other foreigners, some single emails naming both husband and wife, totaling approximately 360 persons.  I will have our BocasBreeze News send similar email to their List.

In a few weeks, I’ll info you number of qualified persons desiring the 2-Yr Visa, who did not get if on 30 April.  If sufficient number, hopefully we can schedule a second Immigration event in Bocas.

In your planning of Immigration’s 2-Yr Visa event in David, if you have not done so, contact Don Ray Williams, David Warden for US Embassy Panama, at  , 6638 3372, or thru his David OnLine News .  If you plan a Boquete visit, Don can assist you.

Larry Shane
Bocas Warden, US Embassy Panama
757 9717  /  6621 1897

Email copy


Better late than never, I am just now learning that there is a new Panama Immigration Law that may affect you.

The Law pertains to acquiring a new type Visa – good for two years.  There are certain qualifications and conditions, but for many foreigners, residing long term as Tourists in Panama, the new Visa will be a valuable convenience.

This new Visa permits qualifying Tourists to remain continuously for two years in Panama.  You will no longer need to exit/re-enter Panama every 90 days, applying for consecutive 90-day Visas (which are in fact an allowed nonconformance of Immigration Law).  Next, two years from now, I’ll not speculate what Immigration Laws may prevail.

With the Two-Yr Visa, you may choose to exit Panama and re-enter, at any time(s) within the 2-yr period; but before exit, you must acquire from Immigration a Multi Exit/Entry Permit, stamped in your passport.  If you hold a Resident Visa or a Pensionado Visa, you don’t (no longer) need this Multi Exit/Entry Permit.

The Two-Yr Visa will be granted to persons who are here with current Tourist Visas or expired Tourist Visas, if they meet the qualifications.  To qualify for the Two-Yr Visa, you must present: Continue reading New 2 Year Visa?


Grandpa Aaron was always going on about the good old days, and the lower cost of living, in particular…” When I was a kid, my mom could send me to the store, and I’d get a salami, two pints of milk, 6 oranges, 2 loaves o’ bread, and a magazine, some new blue jeans… all for a dollar!! Then Grandpa said sadly …”You can’t DO that any more…they got those damn video cameras everywhere you look.

Stand Up And Be Counted

Beginning at 7:00AM on May 16, the Panama Census will be taken. This is a mandatory census and everyone must be counted. If you are stopped on the street without the “pass”, that you will be given after participating in the Census, you will receive a fine.

The form (12 pages) is in Spanish. The form may be found at the following URL. For a English version, submitted by a Chiriquí Chatter reader, click HERE.

Stand up and be counted. I will post this reminder again on May 15h.

No Hay Agua

There is no water. Last night, when I got ready to take my shower and go to bed, I found that the water was out. This morning I see that it is still out. I always like it when the rainy season comes, but for some reason the change always causes some days of water outage.

I guess the pipes just can’t handle all that extra water pressure or something happens to the water purity. Whatever it is, it is my current rant.

UPDATE: Water returned around 2:30 PM on the 29th, so less than 24 hours.

Crime Watch Post Clarification

I received an email which contained a little chastisement for my closing comments on A Beginning.

Here is part of the email.

…I understand u want to keep your newsletter on a positve and upbeat course, but the subject of crime directed towards the foreign community is simply one we cannot ignore. The cretin that broke into my Danish friends house in Boquete (Alan ?) and cracked him over the head with a club, almost killing him, did 3 or 4 months in jail and is back cruising the streets of Boquete now….These kind of incidents really dont leave us much choice but to organize and defend outselves….

Maybe I should take a little time and make sure that my intention is understood related to crime, and this blog’s responsibility for portraying crime and life in Chiriquí.

First, I will take issue with trying to keep the “ newsletter upbeat and positive”. For one thing, this is a blog, not a newsletter, and I don’t try to keep the blog upbeat or downbeat. I try to have it reflect the day as it appears to me. If it is more positive than negative, then that is because I see things as more positive than negative. Could be a problem with my perspective or personality. There is a tag for Rants, which are annoyances I run into. There is a tag for Crime, which has received posts when I became aware of it and felt it should be published.

Second, I will take issue that the growth in crime is “directed toward the foreign community”. The crimes I have heard of in David have been Panamanians just as often as non-Panamanians. However, I will say that many foreigners are not as cautious as their Panamanian neighbors. Continue reading Crime Watch Post Clarification

Bailando por los ninos

I received a request to post the following:

Please join us for “Bailando por los ninos!” (Dancing for the children), on Saturday, May 29th at 8:00 pm in the Arco Iris Building at La Feria in Boquete.

Bailando por los ninos is being co-hosted by the Club Active 20-30 (a group of entrepreneurs who raise funds to help local children) and all profits from the event will go to purchase school supplies for the children of Boquete who want to go to school, but whose parents cannot afford the necessary supplies.

The evening will include Live Music from an accomplished orchestra, a DJ spinning 50’s – 90’s music and the latest hits along with Latin music, of course. We will also have dancers from across Panama to perform Salsa, Tango, Cha-Cha, Samba, Hip-Hop, and even Cheerleaders showcasing their acrobatic stunts! Enjoy local food and a full bar which profits will also go to the cause.

This event will be a fun filled night for all of Boquete, Panamanians and foreigners alike. Tickets are $7 each and will be available at La Reina on Main Street. If you know people that would enjoy an evening of dance but can’t afford the $7, please buy tickets for them. This will help raise funds while bringing our community together.

Please spread the word and help us get Boquete involved in this fun-filled, important event.