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Have you ever noticed that men and women don’t think the same. For example if a woman says to you, “I want to go to XYZ and buy a 123”, you would think you understand what is going to happen.

A man would walk into store XYZ, walk directly to the location in the store that has 123, pick it up, walk to the cashier and pay for it. Maybe a 10 minute task and it is over.

A woman, on the other hand, will enter the store and immediately start looking at what ever is on the right or left of the store’s entrance. This area will have nothing to do with 123s. You will wonder if you misunderstood the object of the exercise.

30 to 40 minutes later, if you are lucky, you will have gotten to the part of the store where the 123s are located. Now it will take another 30 to 40 minutes to decide if this is the 123 she wants or if there might be another store where the 123 might come in a different color or be a little cheaper.

Even if she buys a 123 and takes it home, the process most likely is not over. She will look at the 123 and ask if you think it was a good decision to buy it or if it should be exchanged for a different color.

Tread carefully with how you respond. Remember, men and women don’t think alike and she may not hear your answer the way you intend it.

Day or Weekend Trips

I have decided I need to start taking some day or weekend trips. It has been a while since I have done that and I feel there is too much I am missing.

So your task, should you choose to accept it, is to make some recommendations of where I should go this year. I have something scheduled for Friday. I have a few more ideas, but I would like to hear yours.

I have never gone to Bocas and while I have no real desire to do that, it might be OK for a weekend. My preference is to drive to where ever it is, and return a day or so later.

This will allow me to explore some places I have avoided. I do not like to drive at night and that has even kept me from being in Volcan or Boquete to late in the day. However, if I spend a night or two at some reasonably priced place, that should open up several more options.

If you know of some places that you think should be on the list, I would like to know the attractions you recommend seeing as well as a recommendation of where to stay in the area.

I know a lot of people have probably wanted to tell me where to go and now they have an invitation to do so. 🙂

Over 100,000

I have a project I am going to start work on, but before I start, I will point out that Chiriquí Chatter has reached more than 100,000 spam comments as of yesterday. These spam comments have been averted without any annoyance to the average commenter.

They have also been averted without Chiriquí Chatter commenters having to jump through hoops to post a comment as well. Akismet is one of the best features of WordPress. The methods used are two fold. When a comment is received by the blog, Akismet checks it against known spammers.

It it isn’t found in that group and this is the first time the Email address has submitted a comment, I have this blog put it in a review queue. If I consider it a valid comment, I approve it and from then on the commenter can post comments and they will immediately appear.

If I consider it as spam, I mark it as spam and from then on all blogs using Akismet will not be bothered by the commenter.

If I am not sure if it is from a valid reader or not, but suspect it is spam, I just delete it and will wait for the commenter to comment again.

I also review all comments that are classified as spam. Akismet is very good, being 99.777% accurate according to this blog’s statistics. Still, I sometimes find a valid comment marked as spam. When I find a valid comment. I mark it as non-spam and that comment will now appear.

Well that is my post for the day. I am now going to get organized and work on my project. I will be back when the project is completed.

2010 David International Fair

Yesterday, I did make it to the fair. I did not see the Cabalgata in David. When I saw people protecting locations along the Cabalgata route at noon for an event that was to begin around 4:00 PM, I knew I was going to pass. Not to worry. Lee Zeltzer posted his experience in the Boquete Panama Guide.

We arrived at the fair about 3:00 PM and parked. Parking was $2:00 and entrance was 75 cents for jubilados.

This fair is an international fair and I think these flags represent who participates.

There a fair amount of photos to follow. Continue reading 2010 David International Fair

Rhythm & Sound in Concert…

Culturama and Radio Show Jazz en Vivo organized for Thursday March 25 at 7:30 pm the concert with the chiricano band RHYTHM & SOUND, led by saxophonist Rigoberto Coba.

The band, which also consisted Eduardo Vanegas, on bass, Alejandro “Cito” Escarreola on drums, Freddy Guerra, on the conga and the pianist Anthony Murgas, run to the rhythm of jazz ballads, bossa nova and latin jazz.

For those who have not had the pleasure of listening to bossa nova is a native Brazilian musical genre that emerged in the late fifties, driven by some students and middle-class musicians from Copacabana and Ipanema, the neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro located next to the beach.  The name can be translated as “new rhythm” or the “new road.

Exit the routine and give yourself a chance to hear these sensational and different rhythms … to attend the GREAT CONCERT RHYTHM & SOUND Gallegos House, home of Culturama, next to the Museum in the Old Town Obaldia.  The donation is B/.8.00 and includes a drink. More information at telephone 730-4010.

Aid to Zapote

I am posting the following email from my friend Jorge describing his trip to deliver assistance to Zapote. Jorge’s email follows and following the email are some photos taken of the event.

Hi Don,

Our trip on the 17th of this month to the banana plantations of Puerto Armuelles called Zapote was a good trip. Nicole and I went in a Taxi with the manager of the radio station Hosanna 94.9. There were about 300+  people between children and adults through out the day.

The need there is great. When we got there, I could feel and see the hopelessness and sadness in their faces. As trucks arrived with donations and with the people who were giving words of encouragement and hope, the mood turned a little happier and hopeful. Kids started smiling and playing a little; many many children were there. Continue reading Aid to Zapote