Thief in the Neighborhood?

There has been a potential thief entering a vacant house/yard close to me. The first time, I couldn’t get my camera before he left, but this time I did.

The next time, I will be better prepared.

Here is a photo of him in the yard and getting ready to leave.

Here is another photo of him walking away down the street.

From the vacant house’s yard, he can inspect / case at least three other houses in this area. It might be a scouting expedition. It might be nothing, but he has no business here. Keeping a camera handy to get a photo of any suspicious person is a good idea.

He was in the yard for over 15 minutes. I was waiting to take his photo. We finally got tired of waiting and hollered that we had called the Police. With that, he decided to leave. As he was leaving, I hollered, “Yo tengo su foto”. Maybe he will think before he returns.

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  1. Don, if it is the vacant lot I am thinking about, could it be he is gathering mangos from that awesomely large mango tree?

  2. Good job Don,
    for what it’s worth I (me only) would have approached him and got into his personal zone. For example about 1-1/2 months ago I was at the immigration office in David and had parked my truck on the opposite corner across from that 4 way light. I had some boxes in the back and went on my way to the office. I just happened to look out at my truck and observed that PUNK reaching in at my boxes so I immediately responded back to my vehicle and approached the PUNK from behind placing him in a wrist lock. I started to struggle (a normal response as a wrist lock can be painful and dominating if applies correctly as I can). The PUNK ended up on the ground (I placed him there)and when he got back up (I allowed him to) he grew legs and was gone. The punk was about the same age as your PUNK in the picture and he also had a back pack typical of a thief who carries robbery tools and can also carry his loot.
    Don’t be afraid to get a little closer next time with a puffed up chest and a pissed off demeanor, that will cause most any PUNK to cower and split.

  3. Hi BS. I would have done that, but I was not properly dressed. Still in my PJs and thought if I put on my cloths to go out, I might miss him and the photo. 🙂

  4. Don, We’re getting ready to move there soon, sure hope we have concerned neighbors like you near us not afraid to get involved. Carolena

  5. I hear you Don, PJ’s? I thought you sleep in your birthday suet from the way you through those explicit innuendos on CC. I will say that I printed that PUNKS picture and have it taped on my dash so if I see that shirt or that A/H any where I will get his excuse before I adjust hid attitude a little. Also give a copy to your cop buddy in David.

  6. I live in Boquete, Jaramillo area and have been informed by people from the neighborhood that 4 thief’s (malientes , as they calll them) are occupying an empty building on a property next to mine. The owners of the property are in the US.
    I called the police and asked them to investigate the matter. I was told that they could do nothing because this was not my property!!

  7. Hi Hugo, do you have contact information for the owners? With a written statement from the owners as to who has authority to be on the property, you might have better luck.

  8. HELLO;

  9. Hi Don,
    Yes indeed , I have been in contact with the owners. They were visiting their property some 3 years ago, even brought a constructor with them. They always told me that they would build very soon….. 3 years have passed and nothing has happened. They never inquired about their property or cared about maintenance. Weeds and bushes ar 5 yo 6 feet tall. It was agreed that the roof and berths of the building would be removed. I asked a contracter a quote for the various tasks and received a ridiculous high amount, which I brought down to one third of the original cost and forwarded this information to them. Since then , no more contact……..They might assume that everybody in Chiriqui is happy to be their free servant……

  10. Hugo. I talked to the David police today about your situation. They said you should be able to go to the Boquete police and tell them that you want them to ask the persons you are refering to to show proof that they have permission to live there. In the mean time the owners would be wise to have a apostilled letter stating who has authority to be on the property and that can be presented to the police as well as proof.

  11. Neighbors watch is a good idea. You should be suspicious of any person wandering around the neighborhood. Also you should be suspicious of any unidentified car driving with no direction in the neighborhood or parked in any place for more than 5 minutes with people inside. Where neighborhoods are organized less chance of robbery and crime are present.

    Last week my wife and I saw a car with two people inside at 10:00pm in a small park about 60 meters from my house and I called the police and told them that there was a very suspicious car with two people inside and in less than five minutes they sent a police car. They were a couple: girl + man. Not from the neighborhood. Probably romancing but….we didnt want any strange car in the area.

  12. Possible Burglary call received of an Americans residence in Potrerillos Arriba on 4/4/10 at 2110Hrs.

    The Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group immediately responded and secured the perimeter then meticulously search the residence. No evidence of brake in was found however the search reviled 3 unsecure windows. The residence was properly secured and the responders departed.

    The intent of this communication is to serve as an example of how “WE” in the North American Community look out for each other. Plus this illustrates how reckless and provocative “WE” have become in failing to take reasonable precautions to avoid becoming a victim.

    People please do your part and protect yourself and your property. Although the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch is at the ready and willing to lend a hand the responsibility starts with YOU.

    If any of the local viewers have any incidence to share we want to hear it.

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