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I received the following with a request to post.

From……: Ken Neal

Might I post this ad re upcoming low season cabin rental here? Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong spot, but was unable to locate another for submission. Thank you. Ken

Cabañas B&B Momentum offers the quiet, privacy and security of our spectacular 3.85 acre site, at LOW off-season rates. Large, furnished cabins $500 or $600 monthly.  Enjoy our 40’X20,’ heated pool. Work out in the gym. Run/walk along our groomed on-site trail. Fabulous views. Wireless internet. Laundry available. 720-4385

2 thoughts on “For Rent – Cabañas B&B Momentum

  1. Ken,

    PLease let me know if you actually get this.

    Kurt Geist here from Oregon. Hows it going!

    I was just talking to a friend about my desire to bail from the USA, and mentioned Belize as a possible option.

    Anyway, that thought took me from Belize to the fact that I know someone in Panama, so I googled you, and you are all over the place.

    Anyway, wanted to say hi. I left my web site that is only functional enought to display some of my photos. I need to get busy on the rest, like making it functional-lol.

    So, how is the B & B business going? Sorry that we lost contact, but would be fun to hear form you.


    Kurt Geist

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