10 thoughts on “Grupo Q Returns to David

  1. Great! I bought a mini van from them just before they pulled out last year. I have not had any thing go wrong with the van in the year & a half I have owned it but I an glad to know I can get parts & service when I need it.

  2. Hi to everyone, and this is a great webiste. We are moving to panama, and are currently in country for 5 weeks. Our property is in Bejuco, just off the highway about an hour from panama city (towards altos del maria). We are looking for feedback on what kind of vehicle to purchase, and if the prices in David/boquette are better or worse than those in panama city. If better, we will make the trip. I have been a dodge ram and F-150 owner, but it doesn`t look like there is a lot down here. I hear the toyota hilux is very popular, so may go that route out of necessity. Again, any feedback is welcome!

    Scott and Tina Wilcox

  3. Hilux is popular and the Ford does pretty well. Dodge not so much. Prices will be the same, but during the David Fair, which is this month, there will be specials.

  4. While I have not stopped in, I have been by there several times and it looks closed to me. There are no cars and I have seen no people either.

  5. Don and I have been to Groupo Q in David several times and we are so happy with this place! From the manager right on down the line, from day one, we have been treated extremely well .
    This is a very professional group.

    No one is ever happy about having to spend a lot of money on car repairs but…..our Jeep was in much need of some serious work and it was long, long overdue! We knew the work was necessary and that it would be expensive.

    None the less, the work was done and we were happy. We are so thankful this place is there. We feel so much better knowing there is an honest, reliable Jeep dealership to turn to and we will go back! I hope they stay!

    I hope this helps answer the questions I saw on your site about whether or not this place is open etc….etc…etc…


  6. I wanted to test the site to see if posting a comment would work. It seems the problem (for me at least) has been resolved.

    One more note regarding Groupo Q: Their phone number is, 507-775-5817

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