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Gringo Murdered in Algarrobos

The most information on the incident comes from Don Winner’s Panama Guide.

I will paste his post here.

By DON WINNER for Panama-Guide.com – Paul Roger Nunes, a US citizen who recently moved to Panama, was killed this morning in the house he was renting in the Alta Mar #2 development of the Los Algarrobos neighborhood in the town of Dolega of the Chiriquí province, Republic of Panama. Paul Nunes was approximately 65 years old, according to neighbors, and he had been living in the area for only two months. There was a young Panamanian couple living in the same house with Paul Nunes. According to reports, the robbers forced the young Panamanian woman into a back room and locked her in with her baby. The woman’s husband was not home at the time of the incident. The attack apparently occurred in the early morning hours, today. Area residents suspect the robbers might have had keys or some other way to gain access to the house, because apparently there were no signs of forced entry.

Americans in Panama Participant: Paul Roger Nunes, the CEO of Stonecastle Homes Inc, was a frequent participant on the Americans in Panama Yahoo Email Group. Ironically, in a recent discussion about crime and violence in Panama, Paul wrote: Continue reading Gringo Murdered in Algarrobos

El Oasis B&B in Boquete

I was going to a function in Boquete last Friday night and I didn’t want to drive back to David late, so I made reservations in El Oasis B&B.

I paid $45 dollars plus tax and that included breakfast.

To get to El Oasis you cross the downtown Boquete bridge and turn right at the BCP. Down the road on the right is El Oasis.

Saturday morning before we checked out, we spent some time on the patio in the following photo. Continue reading El Oasis B&B in Boquete