4 thoughts on “What the Health Care Overhaul Means for Americans Abroad

  1. I guess I am just getting old and confused with all that is happening. Hard to keep up with all. The article really doesn’t give you the total view.

  2. Hi Charotte. I doubt that all is known yet. I was happy to see that we would not re required to buy insurance if we lived outside the US. Now with many of us using Florida mailing aaddresses for the social security etc, I bet there will still be more obstacles.

  3. Please note: We used to live in FL. Moved to Panama. We are covered under my husband’s retirement for insurance in PA. Our mailing address is in Panama. We do not have insurance here as we are covered under his retirement plan. I don’t know how this is going to affect us as far as PA paying the coverage for Hospital Visits in Panama. We are not covered under Medicare, Part B (only part A) as Part B is not covered if you live out of the US. I believe, if you are using a FL or USA mailing address, you will be paying for insurance you will not get or fined for something. Too much confusion for me.

    Another note: I did not receive paperwork from Social Security Office in the US that was supposed to be sent to us in Panama. As of l/l/20l0, they suspended my Soc. Sec. benefits. Trying to get penalty straightened out. Back to normal as of 2/3. We never received the forms to fill in and send back to the US. I was “penalized” for not returning the forms I didn’t receive. There were l70 recipients that were suspended on benefits in addition to me. People, pay attention. The above paragraph will be contradicting this one.

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