February 2010 – Robbery in Dolegita

THIS Comment came in today. A rough English translation follows:

Don Ray, My mom lives in doleguita West Avenue 7, David, Chiriqui. On 21 February 2010, the offenders cut the iron railings of the terrace of my mom’s house and got into the house and stole a quantity of personal documents, everything from the kitchen, linen clothes, family memories. And they left the house as if it was an earthquake alarm system destroyed. Already in the neighborhood can not live Doleguita the criminals do not respect private property. My mother was in Panama City at the time of the robbery. And the person or in your house are safe.

I ask the citizenry to be careful in the sector and report Doleguita and not remain silent.


1 thought on “February 2010 – Robbery in Dolegita

  1. my condolences to all concerned. this is the face of true evil.

    I’m writing to throw in my 2 cents about security in a rural setting.
    I lived for years, believe it or not here in Monterey county California off grid with one neighbor about a mile away and the next about 4.
    I’m a big believer in alarms, and obstacles.
    The cheapest obstacle is barbed wire , and it doesn’t have to be ugly, it can be used in vegetable rows and not to hard to conceal. I have some Juniper ground cover that has wire in it…………. it looks like you could run right over and through it,,,, think again. Cactus in front of your windows is a good choice. Little things like that make it harder for a perpetrator to quickly advance on your casa.,, (hope you like my Spanish,,, I’m working it)
    For the alarm, I think its hard to beat geese. Make sure their protected at nite, but they will still make a huge racket if something strange comes by them. and the eggs are great. I have geese nite pens near the two gates of my yard fence.
    And for my primary alarm, my Border Collie, little bo peep ,,,,,,,, Peep is wired , that dog probable knows what, where and how many by the time she hops on the bed and starts scolding me. i wake up. I have a pistol in my night stand.
    However, after thinking of all the things that a person can do to help protect themselves, I think the best advice I could give would be to have a good neighbor close by.

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