Have you ever noticed that men and women don’t think the same. For example if a woman says to you, “I want to go to XYZ and buy a 123”, you would think you understand what is going to happen.

A man would walk into store XYZ, walk directly to the location in the store that has 123, pick it up, walk to the cashier and pay for it. Maybe a 10 minute task and it is over.

A woman, on the other hand, will enter the store and immediately start looking at what ever is on the right or left of the store’s entrance. This area will have nothing to do with 123s. You will wonder if you misunderstood the object of the exercise.

30 to 40 minutes later, if you are lucky, you will have gotten to the part of the store where the 123s are located. Now it will take another 30 to 40 minutes to decide if this is the 123 she wants or if there might be another store where the 123 might come in a different color or be a little cheaper.

Even if she buys a 123 and takes it home, the process most likely is not over. She will look at the 123 and ask if you think it was a good decision to buy it or if it should be exchanged for a different color.

Tread carefully with how you respond. Remember, men and women don’t think alike and she may not hear your answer the way you intend it.

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  1. Hi Don:

    Been there, done that. There’s a book called, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, or something like that. It explains where both genders are the opposite.

    I love your new theme. The main picture looks like a million bucks. Congrats. I think it’s the water fountain at Parque Cervantes. Am I right?

    Take Care,


  2. Hi Tom. The bad thing is they never tell you that you going shopping.

    Hi Omar. Yes it is Parque Cervantes. Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Hmmm….. I am a woman and here is an explanation. I know my stores – what they carry and were it is located. If I visit a new store, I take in the whole store to become familiar with what it offers. That way if I or my husband need an XYZ, I know where to get one. I know when something new comes in and file the knowledge away for future needs.

    This is the difference between the hunters and the gatherers. The hunters always think the gatherers are unimportant until they need something gathered. I have saved my hunter many times.

  4. In response to Omar’s comment…there’s also the book Men are From Earth, Women are From Earth – Deal With It.

  5. i might me wrong , but it seems that women want men for everything and men want women for one thing.

  6. I heard this put another way.

    A woman will try on every blouse in every store in the mall. A man will say “do you carry shirts? I’ll take one.”

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