Tips From Olivia

Olivia is my youngest granddaughter. The other day on my daughter’s blog, my daughter wrote about a conversation she and Olivia had. Olivia is four to put the conversation in perspective. I was just rereading it and I could almost see the cogs in Olivia’s mind turning.

Olivia: Mom, sometimes people fall down.
Mom: That’s true, they do.
Olivia: Sometimes when people fall down they get blood.
Mom: Yes, that happens sometimes. We have to be careful don’t we.
Olivia: -ponders-
Olivia: Mom?
Mom: Yes, baby?
Olivia: When someone gets blood, they shouldn’t jump up and down.
Mom: Because it will make their owie hurt?
Olivia: No, silly. Because it will drip blood all over the floor and then you have to clean it up.

As my daughter said in her blog, it is always good to think ahead.

2 thoughts on “Tips From Olivia

  1. dear don ray,
    olivia has grown up so very much!
    i would read your daughter’s blog & once tried to “sign”
    in but i am not a techie or a typist so i was thwarted again.
    she looks like her mom & big sister.
    you are a very lucky man.
    thank you for sharing.

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