Chiriquí Chatter Face Lift

It has been over three years since Chiriquí Chatter has had any work done on its appearance. Today I was looking at the new themes that Sadish has been working on. He has a new theme called Chennai and I am planning on installing it as the new theme.

It may take me a day or two to have everything back in place. The main differences that this theme provides is a much larger photo in the header. It also moved the sidebar to the left side of the page and changed the way the posting date is presented.

The one thing I am not sure about is how Asides will work and that is how I post the “one-liners’ that I use to break different posting periods.

It is always good to splash on a bit of paint to brighten up the surroundings and sometimes the new paint job works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Bear with me as I spread out the drop cloth, get the brushes and open the paint. Watch your step. It could be a little messy for a while.

32 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter Face Lift

  1. It does look good. I’m not normally a fan of change, but I like it, especially the colors.
    I do hope you get your one-liners in.

  2. I guess the one liners are just going to appear like other posts with the title. I think I will leave it as it is now. WordPress makes it pretty easy to install a new theme. It probably took about 15 minutes including downloading the them, installing it on the host server and changing the Header photo to the one I was using. And no spilled paint on the floor.

  3. Hi Don: looks nice, everything is soooo BIG! At first, I had a shock, but when I signed in a second time, I felt comfortable. I think it is the usual “resistance to change”. Indeed, the colors are very good too.

  4. Hi Lilia. I think I will not futz with style sheet any on this theme. I changed the colors on the old them to get colors that I liked, but I am using this theme in its natural state. Glad you like it.

  5. I will agree that it in a nice change “BUT” as a normal average CC reader I would prefer to see the tool box/bar (if that is what you call it) that is now located on the left be places back on the right side. This is because most folks are right handed and it in normal for people to favor their dominate side like there right hand so it is easier to not only read but navigate the stuff that sections has to offer if it were in a location that is in line with one’s natural preference.
    It’s not harder with the location on the left rather it is distracting as you have to turn your eyes/head to the left when the right side is the favored direction, just food for thought.
    I am also a scuba diver and my right leg is slightly stronger that my left so when I’m swimming from one distant location to another under water I has to make small course corrections in order to swim in a striate direction. I know this because I swim with a compass strapped to my wrist and I can see the variations in direction and would just end up swimming in a big circle if I had nothing to reference.

    Just like the roads having the lane of traffic on the right. The DOT suggests that this is due in part because again most humans are right side dominate and it is more comfortable to favor that side including driving on the right lane of the road so as to reduce the physiological load. Not sure how the UK copes.

  6. Hi AJ. I preferred the sidebar on the right as well, but the left side comes with this theme and it is not a changeable option. The main reason, I decided to change to this theme was that it allows a slightly bigger header photo.

    I preferred the “asides” tagged posts appearing without titles as well, but that also is not accommodated for in this theme.

    I may research how hard it is to manually change the theme , but if it is too complex, I will just use the theme in its native form.

    My feeling is that this them is a little easier to read the posts. Time will tell. If I run across a nicer theme, I will consider another change. However, I am going to let this one sit for a while.

  7. Don Ray:
    I like the change. Maybe is also time to change the photo and shows us another landscape of David. Also, a little late…Happy St Patrick’s Day! Since there are so many American traditions celebrated now in David…

  8. I like it! Maybe if you made the James Dean quote a two-liner it would show up better against the lighter areas on the right side.

  9. Hi Jaimie. If you see or have an idea for what I should use as the photo, let me know.

    Hi Fran. The quote positioning and number of lines is not under my control. A different Photo would probably take care of the problem if it has a constant color like the photo that the theme used.

  10. Very nice update. The change is not so overwhelming to be confusing — it’s still very familiar but just, well, updated. Good choice!

  11. Don Ray:
    I was thinking anything that represents Chiriqui and is unique from the province.
    I did not find specific pictures on your album, but I have seen nice pictures of the renovated Parque Cervantes on your blog that will be nice or the ones at the entrance of the Feria de David (maybe some from this year?). Another good one will be pictures of the park in Boquete (when finished), the garden at the grounds of the Boquete’s fair or the birds at Paradise Gardens. Or the “trapiche” pulled by oxens you capture on your adventure making “raspadura”.

  12. AJ, I believe the UK drives on the left because they got the message too late. Rome was the biggest influence back in the day, Don might know this ;). So when Rome made life style changes, they eventually made their way around the west of Europe. However, England being an island located way North, they just caught the tail-end of things.

  13. I think you should change the photo too!! Perhaps just change it as and when you see something interesting!?

    Like the rest of the changes too!

  14. change and site really nice.
    Also thanks for the tip “Hear 4 You”..I told them Your site sent me to them.I am very pleased. I am recommending to lots of the “hearing impaired” up here in Boquete.

  15. Hola from North Carolina,
    I love it, I love it, I love it. What a great improvement and the picture is inviting to visit Chiriqui. Good job.

  16. Don Ray:
    That’s what I talking about! Nice picture! I believe is the fountain in the remodeled Parque Cervantes. Thanks Don Ray!

  17. WOW!
    Great remodeling job, Don Ray!
    Love the photo, the James Dean quote works perfectly, and the fountain is fantastic.

    Now I have a question, can kids get into the spray later this year to escape from the heat!? We have the Water Gardens here but no wading allowed.

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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