Dental Implant Special

I just received the following email from my dentist ( Dra. Miriam in Dental Esthetic).

From……: Dra. Miriam

Hi Don,

I am currently  offering dental  implants at $1,200 these normally cost around $1,500-$1,800  in Panama (and double or triple that in the USA),  I am  happy to give Chiriqui chatter followers a free evaluation, I have 11 years of experience and lots of references from satisfied implant clients, I use very high grade materials from the US.  The office is located at Plaza Mallorca in David City. please email for more details or call (507) 730-2826

6 thoughts on “Dental Implant Special

  1. We’re waiting until we get to Chiriqui to have our dental work done. We plan to use Dra. Miriam and her associates for all our dental work. I want a dentist who sings to me while drilling. 🙂

  2. I am the first Panamanian reader of Chiriqui Chatter, not related to a foreigner, who is having appointments with Dra. Miriam. She takes her time in every detail, to make her patients feel comfortable y satisfied. Apart from the professionalism you find in her clinic, you´ll feel friendship and respect. I highly recommend her!

  3. Me encanta leer los comentarios de ustedes en serio que pienso que el cariño es reciproco alguna vez etube en tierras lejas de las mias, y se lo confundido y desconfiados que se puede llegar a sentir, a veces quisiera saber un mejor ingles para platicar mas con ustedes y no solo de odontologuia hay pacientes que solo con su mirada se que hay un cariño reciproco, quien escribio de panama me hace sentir tambien muy contenta por que al fin de cuenta humildemente esto es lo que quiero que sientan una amiga alguien que se preocupa por la salud de sus dientes y desea estar pendientes de ellos.Gracias Don Ray usted alguoen que siempre he admirado por la labor que hace con sus paisanos.

  4. Beautifully said, Dr. Miriam. I have had the same dental hygenist in the USA for more than 20 years now and many times during a cleaning, I have gone to sleep! Her touch is that gentle and my trust of her is that solid.

    I sense that your office is the same way. If we ever manage to retire to Panama you can count on us as patients.

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  5. Dr. Miriam Rodriguez do you do root canal surgery? I have to come to Panama soon and I need some serious work done – fillings, crowns and root canals and I want the best dentist for this work.

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