Ciudad De David Revisited

Yesterday, I dropped into the Stylo Restaurant in Hotel Ciudad de David. The last time I was there to eat was on Thanksgiving and the restaurant didn’t have their permanent menu yet. I thought yesterday would be a good time to drop in and take a look at the menu.

I wasn’t aware, but the restaurant is offering a buffet all days of the week. Monday through Saturday the price is $12 per person. Sundays the price is $16 per person. All days have two offerings of meat or fish. The Monday through Friday Executive Lunch comes with a glass of wine.

On Sundays, the meats are located on the buffet table and you can go back for seconds. On the other days, you select the type of meat you want and it will come from the kitchen. I was just looking yesterday, but I did take some photos.

Following is the buffet for yesterday. Lets start at the left and work ourselves around the buffet.

First comes the soup. I think this was a seafood soup.

Next was bread and butter, cold cuts, and cheese.

Next are greens for your salad.

Next are other things to top your salad. Notice how everything is nicely labeled.

Next come several other kinds of salads.

And lastly comes a nice selection of desserts.

As I said, I only intended to check out the menu, but I decided I couldn’t leave without at least having something. I stopped over in the bar area and we ordered a couple cappuccinos. This has to be the most attractive cappuccino I have ever had and it was very good.

The rolls you can see to the right of the cappuccino were very good with a surprise inside. A nice taste tidbit of chocolate. YUM!

I did take a look at the main dishes of the daily menu and they ran in the neighborhood of $9 to $14 dollars from what I remember. I also recall seeing an imported rib eye for $25 or $28 . I don’t remember the exact figure.

The Thanksgiving meal I had there was outstanding. I plan on returning one of these days for lunch. You will have to stay tuned to see if I go for the buffet or another item from the menu.

As always, if you stop into Ciudad de David and the Stylo restaurant, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

UPDATE: We decided to try out the Sunday buffet March 14. I didn’t take photos because I was too busy eating. There were several hot sides to chose from and the flavors of everything was extremely good. This dining was a very pleasant experience.

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  1. Uhmmm sounds yummi….where is this Restaurant?? I went to David and it seems that I couldn’t find places for to eat.

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