Volcan Monthly Meeting March 10, 2010

Yesterday, three of us drove up to Volcan to attend the monthly Volcan Town Meeting.

It is about a 50 minute drive from David depending on the traffic and weather conditions. Yesterday was a beautiful day and going was no problem and we had only a few scattered drops of rain on the return.

We got there just barely in time and there was beginning to be standing room only. The first discussion that was presented was the organization of the area to support each other because of the increase in crime that is being seen in Panama in general and Chiriquí in specific. Things that were being done in Boquete were discussed and proposals for Volcan were discussed.

My feeling, as I have stated in previous posts, is that I think there needs to be a more visible recording of crime that is happening so that there is a possibility that more tourists and people that are considering moving into the areas, are not surprised that it is a little different from the what is presented by International Living and other propaganda sites.

I am willing to post a monthly post on crime that has happened in Boquete, Volcan and the surrounding areas, if those that know of the crimes are willing to send me details by email. I have a TAG called Crime which can be used to follow all such posts that have and will be made.

It would be good to document the events with some common information such as Date, Time, Type if crime (Home Invasion, robbery, vandalism, etc) and then specific details such number of individuals, strange occurrences which might be a Black car make such and such, seen patrolling the street the past few days, or what ever. In the past I have found notices in Yahoo groups and posted them, that is too hard for me to keep up with. If a more formal way or recording such events is worthwhile, I am willing to support it.

As a side note, while at the meeting, I heard that the restaurant Mrs. Mendozas, had an occurrence where some robbers entered the restaurant and robbed the restaurant and also the clients. It could be I heard it incorrectly. On the way home, I stopped by Ms. Mendozas and asked the owner..

He had been in Venezuela at the time and said that there had been a robbery by two young boys about 14 to 15, who appeared with a gun. It is though that the gun was a toy gun.

The boys entered and went straight to the cash register and asked for the money and left on foot. No customer was bothered. This is the first time I have heard of this happening in David. The restaurant has video cameras and the boys were captured on film and the information was given to the police.

Back to the Volcan meeting. The next portion of the meeting was conducted by Dr. Jennifer Daniels.

She gave a talk on treating various medical problems with natural methods. She is an interesting speaker. She began with a disclaimer about the information she was going to present, which was very much like the following which comes from her website.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug admininstration. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. DISCLAIMER: Neither Dr. Daniels nor Everyday Vitality, LLC assume any liability from consequences believed to have been the result of using products or information described in these products. These products are for information only. Nothing in these products, including communications with Dr. Daniels, should be taken as medical advice. You are advised to consult with your physician in regards to any medical decision that may affect your health. Vitality Capsules are not recommended for women who are pregnant or anyone taking coumadin or other blood thinners.

I found it interesting that she spent a lot of time saying that doctors were trained to kill their patients and yet her website disclaimer recommends not using her information or products for medical reasons without talking to “your” physician.

The second speaker is a well know resident of Panama, Frank Gruber, who is known for his Gruber’s Jungle Oil. Another very interesting speaker and I have spoken to many people who swear by his products. I have not personally tried them. Frank brought several examples of plants that are used by the natives of Panama for various remedies and he told stories of how he had been cured by them.

The Volcan meeting was held at Restaurante Polineth in Volcan. It was a great drive and I enjoyed listening to the speakers and eating Paul’s cooking afterward. I don’t remember when the next meeting is, but I usually get an email and post it.

8 thoughts on “Volcan Monthly Meeting March 10, 2010

  1. Don,
    What on earth is going on in Chiriqui? It used to be a peaceful and safe place when I lived there back in 2003. I can’t imagine what’s going on? especially in Volcan. I had a friend “Mr. Hemingway” who initally captured my interest in moving to Panama. I suppose times have really changed

  2. Hi Bob. I think that the world economy is part of it. I listen to the ABC and CBS news from Atlanta and it seems to be increasing too.

    Some of it is that have been more gringos moving to Panama and they are not used to planning for security as much as Panamanians are. I still consider the level of crime to be acceptable, but if more focus is not placed on lowering it, then things will continue to get worse.

  3. Don: I know from one of my co-workers (a relative of hers was seated outside of the restaurant at the moment of the robbery) that on the night of Feb.8, masked men went into Mrs. Mendoza, put the customers to the floor, took their jewelry, money, cell phones and also robbed the money in the cash register of the restaurant.
    Since the robbers were masked, no one knows their identity. I have no information if the gun was a toy or not.

  4. Don, CPS is working closely with the police here in Boquete. One service we’re offering is plotting the crimes on a map (which I’m doing on the computer) to help establish patterns and MOs.

    I’ve asked repeatedly for people to let me know about their crime – I want to get straight facts from those involved. The results have been mixed, as many are reporting to Al Crimen, who do nothing with the data.

    If you’re available, CPS will be making a security/anti-crime presentation next Tuesday the 16th at the Santa Lucia Country Club in Volcancito at 4:00PM.

    If you have crimes reported to you, I and the police would greatly appreciate if you would pass the information along to me at compprosvc@gmail.com.

    Roger Imerman

  5. If you are going to have an online posting of crimes in the area, I will gladly reference it. I am rarely in Boquete so I won’t make the meeting. Anything I receive will be posted in the blog as in the past and can be found there.

  6. A noteworthy experience about building in Panama
    You say that you had a friend “Mr. Hemingway” and that he peaked your interest in Panama. Do you still hold his as a friend? I know Bill Hemingway well and he is no friend, in fact he was and is a fraud. He was hired to provide construction oversight on my upscale high end home , however he had very little experience despite the services he claims to provide. He failed terribly and caused the builder to lose a ton of money and the owners of the project ended up suing both the builder and Hemingway Hideaway. Not only did Mr. Hemingway lack the experience but never had a license to operate his shady business here in Panama. Our lawyer hired a private investigator to look into the Hemingway Hideaway scam and discovered that they had a rich history of scamming the Gringos and had conflicts with many of his past projects. I confronted Mr. Hemingway about his questionable practices on my job site and he quickly departed and abandoned the contract he entered into. Good luck with your friendship With Hemingway. Beware he’s not one you want to do business with!

  7. Hi AJ. I have no personal knowledge of the person you reference, but most gringos that move to Panama have more bad experiences with other gringos that are selling property, building houses or peddling something to other gringos than they do with Panamanians.

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