Possible Delta Station Problem

I received the following comment. Consider it advice to watch your purchase. I have no way to validate the email’s accuracy, but fully believe it.

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Hi Don
maybe you would post this as a warning to local drivers..Recently I filled up my gas tank at the Delta station on Boquete hwy (first Delta on right only about a half mile from David)..My chevy pickup has a 25 gal tank and I was not quite all the way empty yet. Probably at least 4 to 6 gals remaining in tank, so I was quite shocked to see the pump stop at 29.4 gals. Sorry, not possible. Of course the attendant knew nothing. I wonder how many people never suspect getting ripped off when they put in 20 bucks but only get 17 dollars of fuel..This place needs to be checked out.

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  1. This is common, if you are not paying attention, and a friend of theirs pulls on the other side of the pump they will put some in their tank and charge YOU for it. it is not new here in Panama and Costa Rica.

  2. You might consider getting a gallon container you know to be exactly a gallon. Request a gallon of gas at a service station you think might be problematic and observe the results at the pump. Alternatively, a 5 gallon container might indicate more of a discrepancy than a gallon container.

  3. It would be interesting to make the test. If the same pump delivers the correct volume it should, then any problem would be human caused.

  4. In 1964, I was a weights and measures inspector in the Longview area of East Texas. One of my jobs was to test the accuracy of gasoline pumps. For that task I had a special 5 gallon container with a calibrated sight gage in the neck. Even in those days, the old mechanical pumps were accurate within +- 1% and it was not possible to adjust one more than about 5% off. I’d bet that today’s pumps are a lot more accurate. The error indicated by Paul is closer to 50%, so in my opinion, there was definitely a ripoff. And it’s not confined to Panama and CR. It happened to me in Germany in the late 60s .


  5. I have just returned from Nicaragua where every attendant made me check that the pumps were at zero before they began filling.
    Be wary here when the attendant uses the hose from the other side of the pump, get out of your vehicle and take a look!!!

  6. Add Venezuela to the list in the 1980’s, the mechanical pumps had to be reset to zero and if the attendant did not, you paid for your gas and however much was already on the pump. The attendant pocketed the difference.

    The lesson: ALWAYS get out of your car and watch.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  7. Because of the discussion, I have changed the TAG on this post to “Crime”. Very good points that many in the states would not think about because of self fill pumps.

  8. I, too, have been ripped off at this station. The first time it was a bottle of cola that the fellow doubled the price on. The second time I asked for $15 of 91. I gave him a $20 and he waved me good-by. I said angrily “¿Qué pasó aquí?” The attendant shook his head yes and handed me the $5 in change. Yes. Watch if you do business at this station. I’ve changed my place of business.

  9. Hello Don,
    Regretfully, that is true. Every Panamanian driver knows that checking that the pump is in zero is a must. If we don´t do it, or ask those in the back seat to check, we may be ripped off.
    Take care,

  10. Didn’t think about it much till just now but last time I had to fill in at the Delta in Almirante. The attendant screwed up even though the engine was running and put gas in my diesel truck. After emptying the tank and refilling with diesel I thought it strange that the attendant got 5 gals more in than my 30gal tanks holds. Now I think I know why.

  11. There is a lot of variation in terms of service at gas stations, I’ve noticed. I make a point to stop at the gas station on the same side of the road (going towards Boquete) a few miles past the one mentioned specifically in this post. The attendants there carefully wash front and rear windshields, and are always pleasant.

  12. It is also a good idea to become known as a regular customer and give a friendly greeting to the people working so they get to know you. However, that doesn’t remove the need to pay attention when the tank is being filled.

  13. Update,
    Like many of you folks I also use the services of the first and second delta stations. Today the attendant made sure that I was aware that the pump had been set to zero. I also engaged in a conversation with him (the manager) and advised him that the American community is fed up with the B/S and they needed to get there shit together. He advised me that they had fired a worker yesterday for attempting to manipulate the pumps although he provided no specifics one could conclude that it had to do with failing to zero the pump at the start of a sale. He told me the employees name but I forgot what it was can’t pass it on. However he did apologize for the loss of credibility and said that he was watching all his employees carefully to ensure things were done correctly. I had no problems with my fill up. Perhaps they are getting the message??

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