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English Speaking Individuals Needed

I had a comment that should be given more focus. If you can help Patricia Saturday at 10:00 AM, please drop her an email. I will plan on attending, but she needs more native English speaking volunteers. Following is the comment that may not have been seen.

hello! i am teaching a foreign language group at the university instituto de educacion superior nueva luz. i have an activity with my students this saturday, march 13th at about 10:00 am. they are supposed to be doing interviews with native speakers. some of my original guests can’t make it, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining us. the activity will be at american school, off of via boquete behind the old ptj. i would really appreciate any help you can give me. thanks. patricia (luna_santos143@yahoo.com)

Possible Delta Station Problem

I received the following comment. Consider it advice to watch your purchase. I have no way to validate the email’s accuracy, but fully believe it.

From……: paul
Url…….: none

Hi Don
maybe you would post this as a warning to local drivers..Recently I filled up my gas tank at the Delta station on Boquete hwy (first Delta on right only about a half mile from David)..My chevy pickup has a 25 gal tank and I was not quite all the way empty yet. Probably at least 4 to 6 gals remaining in tank, so I was quite shocked to see the pump stop at 29.4 gals. Sorry, not possible. Of course the attendant knew nothing. I wonder how many people never suspect getting ripped off when they put in 20 bucks but only get 17 dollars of fuel..This place needs to be checked out.

Volcan Monthly Meeting March 10, 2010

Yesterday, three of us drove up to Volcan to attend the monthly Volcan Town Meeting.

It is about a 50 minute drive from David depending on the traffic and weather conditions. Yesterday was a beautiful day and going was no problem and we had only a few scattered drops of rain on the return.

We got there just barely in time and there was beginning to be standing room only. The first discussion that was presented was the organization of the area to support each other because of the increase in crime that is being seen in Panama in general and Chiriquí in specific. Things that were being done in Boquete were discussed and proposals for Volcan were discussed. Continue reading Volcan Monthly Meeting March 10, 2010