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Saturday, we tried a new restaurant, in David, that I had seen a week or so before. To get to it, you turn right off the InterAmerican Highway at the corner by the KFC and go about three blocks. On the left you will see the following sign.

Here is the front of the restaurant. It is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM.

The inside is nicely done is what I would call a Mediterranean style. I was not expecting to see such an elegant décor in a restaurant whose sign says “Fast Food”.

The menu is reasonably large and there are some items I might consider fast food such as sandwiches, hotdogs and hamburgers. Here is the current menu.

One in our party is a Sancocho fan and ordered it. She was not disappointed. This may have been the best value and best prepared item that we ordered. Two thumbs up.

Two people ordered the meal of the day which had a choice of chicken breast, pork chops or something else that I forgot. It had a nice sized chicken breast, beans, rice, some interesting vegetables and platano. It cost $5.00 and was rated as fair.

I considered ordering a hamburger, which was priced at $3.95, but decided to try one of the beef plates and ordered Tornado Rossini ($14.00). It came with French fries, the interesting vegetables and rice on a side plate.

From the price, the décor of the restaurant and the nicely dressed waiter, I was expecting an elegantly presented meal. Somehow, white rice and French fries didn’t seem to fit. The vegetables were OK, but nothing I would ask for the recipe of. The meat was cooked as requested, but I thought the sauce was pretty salty.

I asked what desserts they had and was told they had a cheese tort with ice cream. It was not listed on the menu, so I assumed it was special.

The price was $4.00. As it turns out, it was a PriceSmart cream cheese tort. The entire cake at PriceSmart is about $4.00. I have bought too many not to recognize it.

All in all I think this restaurant has a way to go. They have invested a lot of money to make it a nice restaurant. It has the potential of being a positive memorable experience. However, if I am going to pay $14.00 for a meal, it had better be first class and this was not equal to the price. For $14.00 I can think of at least three other restaurants I would choose to go to.

I hope others try this restaurant. It could be that I was there on a bad day. Following is the card for the restaurant.

7 thoughts on “Bocatas Restaurant

  1. Hola Don:

    My impression looking at the menu is that it is a very spendy restaurant. I do not get that warm fuzzy feeling for a restaurant that advertises fast food and yet charges $14.00 to $18.00 for meals????

    One of my favorites is the yellow building steakhouse in David. The ambiance is very nice…the service first class…..prices are good…. and the cold air-conditioning is especially nice after a day of shopping in David. Plus my wife sez they have the cleanest restroom in David…now why is that important to a woman????….LOL

  2. The $18.00 meal was for two people. It is always good to have options. Maybe “Fast Food” has a different connotation in David.

  3. There is a lot of competition in restaurants here in David, and I am glad, as this one is too pricy for my tastebuds.
    Maybe if the food looked as good as the price, it might change some peoples minds.

  4. Thanks once again or a terrific restaurant review.
    I think seeing what appears to be a very extensive menu might account a bit for the higher than expected prices. The more items offered, the more stocking and unavoidable waste. We remember that McDonald’s original business model was able to offer hamburgers at 15 cents, because, basically the menu offered some variations on the burger and fries, y ya… I laughed out loud over your “busting” them for using a PriceSmart item as a featured “special dessert.” It looked delicious and I’m sure it was, but to feature it as something special is just, well, wrong, 😉
    Lastly, I agree that “fast food” must have a different connotation in David. To the Gringo ear, “fast food” automatically lowers food expectations but also, lowers the prices that seem reasonable to us. With that menu and the furnishings, etc., the “fast food” advertisement seems out of place and not a good idea. Maybe what they meant was, “quick, attentive service…”

  5. Hi dK. You raised a good point that I intended to mention, but had forgotten. The service was good and my not mentioning it was an oversight.

    Price will always be important when people consider going to a restaurant, but the most important part is that the price must be consistent with the quality and the service.

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