Daily Archives: March 5, 2010

Panama Internet Used Car Sites

I have received a lot of questions about used car lots in Panama. While I was waiting at the hospital today, I found these sites listed in the want ad section of La Prensa. These sites may give you an idea of what is available.





I often recommend people talk to the dealers of the brand car you want and ask if they have any clients that are wanting to trade cars. You will also need a mechanic you trust to inspect the car and advise you of its real condition.

Loss Of Laptop or Loss of Privacy

I don’t know if you have been paying attention to the case in Pennsylvania that has been making news. It seems the school had all of its laptops loaded with software to protect them from theft. However the department, that was supposed to turn on this feature only if the laptop was stolen, had a few employees turning it on just to watch the students.

I guess that is a potential downside of having laptop tracking software on your laptop, if your laptop has a built-in web cam. I don’t know if it is worse to lose your laptop or to lose your privacy. This case is testing new privacy laws in the US.

I hate This Time Of Year

Anyone that knows me understands that this is the time of year I never enjoy. It is time to file income taxes. Normally I would already be done, but this year the problem with the mail forwarding service threw a kink into my plans. Some of the forms I needed got sent to the old address and of course, they got dumped into the trash and didn’t get forwarded.

I therefore had to request new forms be sent out and it required phone calls to the US, which was also a little costly. I think I am only one document short and will start next Monday without it in hopes that I get it next week. With a little luck, I will get it completed by the end on next week and my mood will improve.

I always like to have a couple projects active, but filing tax returns is not one of them.