Violin Lesson

Lilliam’s grandchildren have been staying with us since just before Carnival. I think they have enjoyed being in David and away from Panama City, but most of all being with their grandmother.

They have been well behaved and there has never been a dull moment since they have been here. Luckily, I have enough toys to keep them entertained and they have enjoyed going to the park and renting video games at Blockbuster.

I don’t know if Isabella enjoyed not getting away from her violin lessons. Isabella took up the violin in 2009 and had her first recital in December of 2009. Her instructor is Eric Alexis González.

She practiced most if not all days while she has been here. I have been impressed with her discipline. Her instructor has classes in David as well as Panama City. Because of that, Isabella was able to go to his local class setting in David for one of her lessons.

Lilliam, Isabella’s grandmother and known to her grandchildren as “Abu” which is short for abuela, took Isabella to her last lesson and recorded a short video which follows.

In case you live Chiriquí or in Panama City and are interested in music lessons of all kinds, here is Eric’s card with contact information.

I clipped the following description from the Christmas program and it gives more information of the instruments he teaches.

12 thoughts on “Violin Lesson

  1. Great to make your dear ones feel proud of you , Isabella. Following Dr. Howard Gardner, this will help you academically succeed as well.

  2. Hola que linda ,te felicito orgullosa abuela ,creo q ella tiene mucho de Lilliam ,cuando y a que hora sera el recital seria hermoso escucharle que bien ,Don que tienes muchos juegos para esos niños creo que debes de haber quemado muchas calorias ,saludes un abrazo espero verles pronto .

  3. Felicidades Koki!!! Ya veo por que tu mamá está tan contenta! Sigue así que estamos todos super orgullosos de ti!!!
    Un besote, tía Marilika

  4. I found this site on a lark, searching “Boquete, Panama violin lessons” after reading about Boquete being a good place to retire. I have been teaching violin lessons for about 10 years, and it has become my #1 passion (vocationally speaking :). So, naturally, I am interested in the possibility of providing violin lessons in my retirement. I have also learned a bit about some elementary violin/viola repair, and I’m planning to learn bow re-hairing this summer.

    So, this is an open-ended question — would there be a good market for my musical skills there in Boquete?

    Of course, that’s not *all* I can do. I can teach a variety of subject in addition to music, including Computer Science, Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

    P.S. How good is Internet connectivity there?

  5. Internet connectivity in all of Panama depends on specifically where you live. Sometimes a block away will make a world of difference.

    There is always a need for people willing to donate free tutoring.

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