Super Replicas of David (March 2, 2010)

I get emails often asking about Super Replicas of David. The last post on Chiriquí Chatter, that contained information related to them, came from the comments on THIS POST. The opinions are those of the people commenting and are not mine.

The first post I ever did about Super Replica was because I was contacted by an individual in the US asking about the company in David. Before I received his email, I didn’t know they were in David or anything about them. I contacted Tony Sinclair and asked to see the cars. Tony finally agreed to meet me and I wrote the first post in May of 2008.

Tony made several promises to show me a completed car and each time the date passed and he didn’t call me to take photos. I did a couple posts after August 2008 and was shown bits and pieces of cars and some work facilities.

I did see, what appeared to be, finished cars parked in front of a restaurant one day, but Tony said they were not representative of their normal high quality and did not want me to take close up photos. As you can see in this post, the photos I took were at a distance.

Tony has my email address and knows that my site gets many hits related to Super Replicas and knows that I would be available to take a photos of a finished product. I have stated that I will not take any more photos unless they are of finished cars.

When the first information came out about the speed record that would be attempted this month in David, Super Replica was listed as one of their sponsors on the web site. When I looked at the site today, I do not see them listed. You can contact that site to see if they are still a sponsor.

The David International Fair is coming in March. This fair typically has displays of all cars being sold in Panama. My plan is to attend this year as I have in the past. If Super Replica chooses to have a display, I will take photos.

I know nothing about the Super Replica business other than what I have previously posted. I am reticent to post more on Super Replicas without actually seeing a completed car.

Because of the nature of comments that have typically come in for posts that I have made on Super Replica’s, I am not opening this post up for comments.

As with any business in Panama, it is the responsibility of the client to do due diligence on the business before entering into an agreement. Most people, that have moved to and have experience in Panama, would suggest that you see and touch a representative product before you make a purchase. They would suggest that you get a list of satisfied clients to talk to and that you request that the clients send you photos of the products they received and their experiences.

Do not write me and ask my opinion about Super Replicas. I have no opinion. Any email I receive will be directed to this post.