Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant

For Sunday’s outing, we decided to go to Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant. It will be the site of the Gringos of David meeting this coming Thursday at 2:00 PM. I have other obligations this Thursday and won’t attend, but this post will give you an idea of what to expect.

The restaurant is not too far past Los Molinos and on the right side of the road as you drive toward Boquete.

Here is a photo of the restaurant from the front.

I didn’t take the photo above until we had ordered from the menu. After I had ordered, I went outside and took the photo. It was then that I noticed the White board with the specials.

Had I noticed it before I had ordered, I would have ordered differently. The menu inside didn’t mention daily specials and the waitress didn’t mention it either. Make sure you read the specials as you are entering.

This is a photo of the inside. It is large and open and will handle a large group comfortably.

Natalie ordered the barbecued ribs. There were about 8 ribs on the plate. Here is a photo of her plate.

I ordered the slow roasted ribs which is pictured below. As far as I can tell, Natalie and I got the same thing.

I liked my ribs. They are not comparable to the ribs I was used to in Texas, but as good as I have had in Chiriquí.

Lilliam ordered the pork loan and enjoyed it. It is pictured below.

We ordered two orders from the Kids Menu. Isabela had a cheeseburger and liked it. I didn’t taste it, but will try one the next visit.

Lucca had the chicken nuggets and liked them. Since Lucca is a picky eater, that is a good sign.

The french fries appear to be fresh cut with the skin on like I like them.

I always try one of the desserts, so I ordered the blackberry cobbler. I have not found black berrys to be the same in Panama as I am used to in the US. I am used to BLACK berrys that are sweet. These are more red and a little more tart, but still good. The crust part of the cobbler was very good and covered with ice cream. It took two of us to eat it, so it is an ample serving, and we enjoyed it.

Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant is definitely worth a stop if you are in the Boquete area. If you do stop in, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Here is a copy of the restaurant’s menu that you can download. It is a little different from the one I had at the table, but it will give you an idea of the options and prices.

13 thoughts on “Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant

  1. Hi Don:
    I tried the fish and chips there finally last Friday, after your last post that mentioned Las Ruinas a week or two ago. The fish was fresh and was just delicious, as advertised. Thanks for pointing out your dining experiences in the greater David area. The pictures are also very useful!

  2. The major thing to remember is that you are NOT in the states, and enjoy the effort and quality you find here !

  3. Don’t lecture me Rodney. I have lived in Panama for 7 years and am well aware I am not in the “states”. I always enjoy quality, but not necessarily the effort.

  4. Hey Don,

    Sure missed that food today. Although we did end up eating at Azteca on the VOLCAN road.

    I sure wish whoever is taking over the group Gringos_in_David_Panama would make it a policy to always send out a map with the monthly meeting notice.

    I have tried to attend meeting on four different ocassions. I only found it once! Why, because the people who send these notices thing in terms of themselves and their immediate neighbors. They never give directions unless asked for and very rarely offer a map. Today was the third day we spent the better part of a day looking for one of these meetings. Not all of us live in David. I personally know one thing: The Pan American Highway. Start me there and give me a map!

    I could have sworn I read that the restuarant was on the Volcan Road. While in Rey’s I asked three Gringo gentlemen about Las Ruinas, they told me it was on the Boquette Road. I mentioned that I had heard “Volcan Road”, they retorted that they are both the same. What do I know? So we head up the Boquette Road for several K. We pull into a place called “Frilito’s” or some such, and are told that there was nothing in the way of restaurants beyond him until you’re in Boquette. What do I know?

    So, I must have been right. It was on the Volcan Road but not in Volcan. Off we go, forsaking our PriceSmart shopping for the month or making another trip this month!

    Well, you know the rest of the story, it’s NOT on the Volcan Road. As we headed down the road, totally frustrated, we stopped at Azteca and had lunch, and more than a few beers (I wasn’t driving). The food was good, the service was good and cute. Prices were a little over what we’re used to paying, but we weren’t in Puerto anymore. It was good value.

    I saw two notices in the group to remind us to come to Las Ruinas, neither of them gave directions, or even told where it was. Again, we don’t all live there and only get to David about once a month.

    Don, your post at 9:46 P.M. was fine, but I was sleeping and left at the crack of dawn. Thanks for trying. I hope Wendell made out better.


  5. Gringos of David Meeting Today

    We at Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant want to thank all of you that attended the David Gringos meeting today. What a great time! My staff and myself were glad to meet all of you and hope to see more of all of you in the future. We hope you enjoyed the food and the locale and we invite you to get out of the heat in David and come for lunch or dinner and a swim whenever you wish. For those of you that gave us your e mails, look for specials that we always send out to our customer list first. Specials like Live Lobster, King Crab Legs, Boquete Blackberry Cobbler and much more! Thursdays are Happy Hour days and we will start at 5 pm and go right through to 8 pm. This month on the 18th we are having a Thai night and we will have a guest chef cooking for a reservation only dinner. We have 2 seatings and the 6 pm is booked solid. There are still a few seats left for the 7:45 seating. Soon we will begin to have events here like live music, so look for the notice here on Chiriqui Chatter. Again we thank all of you!

    Craig & Vielka

    Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant

    6677 4289

  6. Las Ruinas is closed now. Craig is running the Bistro Boquete and The Fish House in Boquete, and will soon be running the restaurant in Valle Escondido. I sure miss the babyback ribs that Ruinas served! But all of Craig’s meals are excellent and generous.

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