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Mark You Calendars

I received a request to post the following:

From……: Heather Macaulay

Could you post this message on your site?

March 4,5,6,11,12,13 Boquete Panama Special Event: The Rock Restaurant Opens for The Chiriqui Players’ super performance of “Sylvia” by A.R. Gurney. See special menu below.

Where is The Rock Restaurant? Take the bridge over to the feria, keep going straight towards the Ladera Hotel, keep driving exactly 1 km after the Ladera Hotel in Boquete Panama.

Tickets for Sylvia are now available at Mailboxes Etc. in Boquete for $10. This is for theatre only.

If you live outside Boquete, Call ELAINE at 6410-8060 for Bus transportation, and tickets. Call her for buses from Volcan, Potrelillos, Los Molinos, David or Los Olas .
Very reasonable all inclusive tickets available for a great evening out !!

Special event Dinner tickets are $18. tax and tip included…theatre tickets are separate.
You must choose your main dish when purchasing your ticket.
There is a bar where drinks will be offered at reasonable prices.

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Park and Education

Yesterday evening, we took Isabela and Lucca to Parque Jose Maria Roy. If you have young children and have not been to this park, you are missing something. This is supposed to be the largest park of this kind in all of Latin America. The play equipment is FIRST Class.

I only took a couple photos because I didn’t think I would need my camera and I had to take these with my cheap Chinese cell phone. The following two photos are of the main equipment play area. I would guess there were around 60 kids in the park and all under adult supervision.
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Restaurante Maná expands its services called “M.A.S.”

I received the following new business offering from Restaurante Maná.

Restaurante Maná expands its services called “M.A.S.”

Due to many immigrants frustrated and mad due to being cheated out of moneys and not getting a straight answer, I have been asked in many occasions to help in different situations. Therefore I have created “M.A.S.: Maná Assistance Service”

I was born in Panamá and I lived in the USA for 27 years. For many of those years I was a Project and Operations Manager and later became a Personal Financial Consultant. I know both cultures and systems pretty well. I am honest, dependable, organized and hard working.

M.A.S. is a place where you can trust a “yes” a “no” and a “I do not know, but I will find out”. We will only recommend people with good references or people we know personally. We will not do illicit work of any kind.

English interpretation (will not do certified translations or legal work)

By Phone (power company, water authority, cable company, phone company, etc.)

In Person – will personally go with you to (immigration department, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, government offices, shopping of any kind, meetings of any kind, construction permits, etc.)

Will help negotiate fees or contracts (to try and avoid overcharges or schemes to foreigners and get you the same price as locals)
For rentals (will find you properties for you to pick from)

Small constructions indoors or outdoors

Skilled labor (plumbing, electrical, renovations, small construction, maid services, etc.)

Chauffeur services (professional people that will drive your car. Will drive you anywhere, this includes long trips. All of them mature, honest and reliable. We also have 24 hour taxi drivers that we know and trust.

Handy man (for small projects around the house), Grass cutting services, Tree cutting services (small and medium trees), Trash hauling of any kind

Moving services, Send shopping list and we will shop for you, etc.

Fees: $10 per hour with a 2 hour minimum plus traveling expenses.
Some of the misc. services can be on a per job basis depending on its size.

Please ask for Jorge
Jorge Cedeño Anguizola
Phone numbers: Business: 774-25406; Business Cell: 6038-6239;
Personal Cell: 6461-2970

I have known Jorge since he returned to Panama and opened his restaurant. I consider him to be honest, dependable and a person that can be trusted. I wish him well in this business expansion.

ACS Message

Following is the most recent ACS Message:

Dear Wardens:  Please disseminate this message to U.S. citizens in your area.  Thank you.

American Citizen Services Unit

Consular Section

U.S. Embassy, Panama

February 19, 2010


The Consular Section (including the American Citizen Services Unit) will be closed for meetings on the afternoon of Monday, February 22, 2010, from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  All Units of the Consular Section will be open in the morning.  In the event of an emergency, please call 207-7000.

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, the Consular Section will resume full operations with its regular schedule (please see

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Reader Maps

There are two maps that are in the sidebar of this blog. Each displays a little different information about the location of readers that drop into Chiriquí Chatter.

The first map is a cluster map and records information over a period of time. The larger the size of the circle indicated a higher concentration of readers in that area.

The second map is a more dynamic map and only shows recent reader’s locations. In the sidebar, it shows up as “Who’s Online”. However if you click on the image, it will open another page and you will see a map of current readers. Readers that are currently online or have been online very recently will show up as flashing stars. If you position the cursor over the star, you can see the city location.

As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to amuse me.