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My Name Is Not James Dean

I decided that I should clarify one thing. My name is not James Dean. You would be amazed how many emails I get addresses to Mr. James Dean.

I am sure the confusion comes from the photo on the right of the blog with the “About Chiriquí Chatter” information. I have a quote from James Dean.

In case you are one of the confused people, I thought I would let you know that James Dean is dead. I assure you that I am very much alive.

Now to all those who sent something to James Dean, hoping it would be posted, you can now understand why it stayed in the dead letter pile. 🙂

The ABOUT tab would be a better place to fine out who writes Chiriquí Chatter and why I do it.

Update From Maná

I received the following related to the ongoing efforts that Jorge and Vicky are continuing to assist some of the youth in their area.

Hi Don,
I just wanted to let you and your blog readers, who donated to the Children Christmas Party at Maná, know that our goal was to have the kids come back every month to listen to people from our community talk about hope with life stories of their very humble beginnings and how they managed to make it without having to sell drugs or steel. We had around 40 kids come the last week of January. Several people from our community participate with songs, story telling and games. The kids were very well behaved and eager to listen and participate. We had drinks and cake for them. They really enjoyed that.

We are planning to have them back again this Saturday. It should be fun and a good time for everyone.

Here are some pictures of the activity. If some would want to donate and/or participate in the activities with the kids, please just let us know.

Thank you for your continuous support and faith… God bless,
Jorge and Vicky

Ph# 774-2506 or 6038-6239

Photos follow: Continue reading Update From Maná

It Will Never Sell In Panama

This morning I saw this article in USA Today. I really don’t think this will ever come to market in Panama and probably most of the Latin American countries.

If you have ever listened to some of the local Panama stations, the DJs tend to talk or run laugh tracks all the time during music. There is a high likelihood that with this product, you would have only silence in the house.

Hmmm. Maybe, complete silence would sell. Now if it would only block out all of the other sounds surrounding the radio then it might have an extremely good market.

Renegados Open For Limited Period Of Time

I received an email from David telling me that Renegados is in a period of transition. During this transition, Renegados will be open Monday through Friday from 11:00 Am to 3:00 PM.

Renegados will serve a simple meal of the day, which will include soup, rice, salad and chicken or spaghetti or beef. The price will be $2.50.

To get there, drive on the InterAmerican Highway, toward Costa Rica. The restaurant is going to be on your left after you pass KFC and on the opposite side of the road from ServiCentro. Look for the sign in the photo above.

I am not going to connect this post to previous posts on Renegado, because I don’t want you to be mislead anyone that the menu will be different than I have just written. It is my understanding that Berta is is planning to transition the business into a children related business. When that happens I will notify you.

In the meantime, you might want to drop by Renegados and wish David and Berta well.

Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant

I just received the following request to post information:

From……: Craig Jacobs

Hi, I read Chiriqui Chatter every day, would you be kind enough to post this for us…?

Award Winning Chef Opens Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant
New England Culinary School graduate and cookbook author Executive Chef Craig Jacobs has brought his extensive experience with restaurants in New York, New Orleans & Florida (including his work as Sous Chef at Ritz-Carlton Hotels) to Boquete by opening Restaurante Las Ruinas, across from Las Brisas Boquetena subdivision, and just past Papa Ricco’s on the road to David.

The location (previously a Colombian restaurant), is greatly improved by Craig’s facelift of the facility, which includes enclosing the big Tiki Hut dining room in glass, to protect diners against the rain and wind, a freshening up of the swimming pool and soon a new covered area will provide staging for live music! New Rock walls are abundant and strikingly beautiful…hence the name “Las Ruinas”! Come for lunch and spend the afternoon by the pool in the comfortable lounge chairs, made more comfortable with one of Craig’s special Margaritas, Fresh Fruit Daiquiris or Pina Coladas! Dinner is a real treat and the portions are Huge! Continue reading Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant