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I need to take a new photo of the store front and when I do, the following photo and this statement will be removed. I just forgot this morning.

This morning I finally had a chance to visit the new Felipe Motta Store in Plaza El Terronal. I viewed the store with Gina Munoz, who told me that this store is the second largest Felipe Motta store in Panama. If I understood Gina correctly, Motta is the importer of all liquors into Panama,

This is a high quality store and a nice addition to the family of stores that are part of the second phase of Plaza El Terronal.

As you enter the store, you will be greeted by a well organized store containing a large selection of beer, wine, liquor, and all sorts of things to create a party.

I don’t have photos of all that is available in the store, but you should get a fair idea of what they have from the photos that I did take.

This photo gives an idea of the depth of the store. On the left are displays of chips, nuts and other goodies.

Here is a display of beer.

This display had Mexican food items on one side and various dips on the rear side.

There were a couple displays of sweets near the check out area.

Now let’s go to the back room which has wines from all over the world. They are waiting for the country signs which will go above the displays. This room is not complete and the center area will house more wine.

Coming out of the wine room, I noticed this VOSS water display. Voss is new to me. It is from Norway.

Here is another wine display.

The next three photos is the liquor displays.

Let me introduce you to the store’s staff. Gina, who was nice enough to show me around the store is in the black shirt.

As I said before, this is a first class store, with attractive and well organized displays. If you drop by Felipe Motta, tell Gina and her associates that you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Gina’s contact information and the store phone numbers follow.

Store numbers: 730-4647, 730-4648.

8 thoughts on “Felipe Motta Wine Store

  1. Hi Don,

    We stopped by the store on Thursday and saw a pretty nice selection – even several high-end California wines (Silver Oak, Joseph Phelps Insignia, Caymus) which, unfortunately, we can no longer afford. Perhaps the best import bargain was a Gloria Ferrer Brut Champagne from Sonoma at about $17. We’re hoping that a cold case will be added to the store for meats and cheeses – did they mention anything about that?

    Eat, drink, repeat…

  2. Hello Dan,
    We’ll be having available the next week a nice selection of cheeses, cold meats and sausages. Hope to see you at the store!

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