Update From Maná

I received the following related to the ongoing efforts that Jorge and Vicky are continuing to assist some of the youth in their area.

Hi Don,
I just wanted to let you and your blog readers, who donated to the Children Christmas Party at Maná, know that our goal was to have the kids come back every month to listen to people from our community talk about hope with life stories of their very humble beginnings and how they managed to make it without having to sell drugs or steel. We had around 40 kids come the last week of January. Several people from our community participate with songs, story telling and games. The kids were very well behaved and eager to listen and participate. We had drinks and cake for them. They really enjoyed that.

We are planning to have them back again this Saturday. It should be fun and a good time for everyone.

Here are some pictures of the activity. If some would want to donate and/or participate in the activities with the kids, please just let us know.

Thank you for your continuous support and faith… God bless,
Jorge and Vicky

Ph# 774-2506 or 6038-6239

Photos follow:

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