It Will Never Sell In Panama

This morning I saw this article in USA Today. I really don’t think this will ever come to market in Panama and probably most of the Latin American countries.

If you have ever listened to some of the local Panama stations, the DJs tend to talk or run laugh tracks all the time during music. There is a high likelihood that with this product, you would have only silence in the house.

Hmmm. Maybe, complete silence would sell. Now if it would only block out all of the other sounds surrounding the radio then it might have an extremely good market.

1 thought on “It Will Never Sell In Panama

  1. Don Ray:
    I remember radio stations having DJ’s talk or station ID over the songs to prevent listeners form recording the songs. I remember wanting to do this and getting frustated because I could not get a song recorded on my tapes (remember them?) without the station ID or a coment form the DJ on it. I have listened to radio stations from Panama on the Web and I am surprised they still do this, whe the age of Internet and I pods, songs are easily obtained.

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