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From……: Craig Jacobs

Hi, I read Chiriqui Chatter every day, would you be kind enough to post this for us…?

Award Winning Chef Opens Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant
New England Culinary School graduate and cookbook author Executive Chef Craig Jacobs has brought his extensive experience with restaurants in New York, New Orleans & Florida (including his work as Sous Chef at Ritz-Carlton Hotels) to Boquete by opening Restaurante Las Ruinas, across from Las Brisas Boquetena subdivision, and just past Papa Ricco’s on the road to David.

The location (previously a Colombian restaurant), is greatly improved by Craig’s facelift of the facility, which includes enclosing the big Tiki Hut dining room in glass, to protect diners against the rain and wind, a freshening up of the swimming pool and soon a new covered area will provide staging for live music! New Rock walls are abundant and strikingly beautiful…hence the name “Las Ruinas”! Come for lunch and spend the afternoon by the pool in the comfortable lounge chairs, made more comfortable with one of Craig’s special Margaritas, Fresh Fruit Daiquiris or Pina Coladas! Dinner is a real treat and the portions are Huge!

Craig comes from a food family….his father has won several awards, including the Julia Childs and James Beard awards, for his work. Together, they have written several cookbooks including a 3 piece series called “Spirit of the Earth, Spirit of the West and Spirit of the Harvest” and even one about Cuban cooking called “Eating Cuba”.

Daily, Craig serves up tender Fire Roasted baby back ribs, pork loin and chicken which come with a Great Barbecue sauce or homemade Chimichuri Sauce (you’ll be asking for refills of this delicious condiment). His Las Ruinas Hamburger is big and the Best in Panama! Every Monday Craig visits Port Pedregal to select the freshest seafood right off the boat……ask him what’s fresh and you may get the mouthwatering lobster or tuna and his outstanding Fish & Chips are always available and by far the best in Panama! Restaurante Las Ruinas only serves the freshest produce and fruits from the area. The full bar offers excellent Margaritas, Daiquiris and Pina Coladas, which are made with 100% natural ingredients. Or, try one of his fresh fruit smoothies…’ll come back for more.

Chef Craig caters to your groups and special celebrations with flair and individuality! Why not let him create a memorable occasion for your next special occasion?

Craig has lived in Panama for 4 years and operates Las Ruinas with his lovely wife…they have 2 beautiful children, and are on site to greet you daily. They are here to stay! Don’t delay….stop in soon and say hi! Tell him you read about him on Chiriqui Chatter. This is definitely worth the drive!

Finally……a casual dining experience with food you can count on to be consistently the BEST!
Las Ruinas is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.
Call for more information to 6677-4289 or check out

9 thoughts on “Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant

  1. This is a great restaurant! Good food, wonderful atmosphere, and the best margaritas around!!
    Craig is a true host and is always around to make sure that you have everything that you need for a pleasant experience at Las Ruinas.
    This restaurant is a terrific addition to all of the dining options in the Boquete area.
    Bobbi & Steve
    Los Molinos

  2. Hi Bobby and Steve.
    This place is great and I wish we had moved into Los Molinos three years ago when the cost of land etc., was down.
    Craig. You need to bring the time of your happy hour forward to 4 or 5 so we folks down in the flat lands can make it before the sun goes down.

  3. By any standard, Craig knows how to run a restaurant. The food is terrific (consistently), the menu varied (with frequent specials), the service is GREAT, there’s plenty of parking, prices are reasonable, and Craig often makes the round of customers to see if everything is OK. Viva Las Ruinas!

  4. We have been going to Craigs since it opened , we have lived here in Boquete for 4 years, if you want great food, this is the ONLY place that you will get it. the prices are goodas well as the selection on the menu. do not miss out!!

  5. Ditto all of the above. Craig is doing it right – quality food, reasonable prices, and excellent service. Best ribs on the planet. What a breath of fresh air!

  6. Thank you all, we try very hard at Las Ruinas to do it right. We will start Happy hour earlier, all you need to do is ask!

  7. This is the worst meal i ever ate in my life, I cant belive what they say about they “Executive chef Jacob”, in my opinion this is a tipical fast food, in chiriqui we have a lot of good restaurants, but Las Ruinas is garbAGE.

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