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  1. Hello Don Ray,
    More than the recognition that Mr. McCormack deserves, I´d like to see a binational diplomatic effort (more on the Panamanian side), to find a way for making these containers arrive in David as soon as possible. When talking about these issues, the little ones do the job but at this moment the big ones should move their influences.

  2. When I read the posting I could only think of the people around David that are in need and could have been benefiting from the items in the containers since October. It must make this even more trying for Tom because he is there and sees this day to day. I hope a solution comes soon to release the containers. Is there anything that those of us reading this can do to make a difference?

  3. I just wanted to post a public thank you to the Thomas L.and Linda J. McCormack Foundation for their quick response to the need for laptops at the new Starfish Teen Center! With their generous contribution are teens now have access to a computer for their homework assignments.

    Since its inception in September 2005, Unexpected Moments of Magic Foundation has had the opportunity to serve a variety of individuals & families. Our current location focus is Boquete, Panama. In this charming community we have launched several social entrepreneurship projects including: an international volunteer placement program in collaboration with Global Volunteer Network, Readers 2 Leaders Literacy Projects, a Community Clean up Campaign in collaboration with the local recycling center, art therapy programs with The GEM Project, free English for Opportunities classes and raised thousands of dollars through our volunteer run Weekly Charity Quiz.

    Our current focus is on supporting The Starfish Teen Center. The Starfish Teen Center is a haven for young people, providing a safe, social and supportive service. Teens experience achievement, enjoyment and recognition through positive activities facilitated by young trained volunteers. Through volunteers, resources and donations we can engage teenagers and bring people together from all walks of life. By developing positive growth and attitudes we can empower teenagers and equip them with the skills to take action on the issues that affect their lives and turn them into the leaders of tomorrow.

    All of this is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like Tom and other generous donors.

    And as you know, the cost of keeping these social entrepreneurship projects up and running effectively does not go away. We hope to receive continued support from Tom and many other philanthropists in Panama to help our youth become the leaders of tomorrow.

    For more information, please visit us online at http://www.starfishcentrojuvenil.com or call us today at 730-8166


    Kaytee Hoverson
    Founder & Executive Director

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