Park and Education

Yesterday evening, we took Isabela and Lucca to Parque Jose Maria Roy. If you have young children and have not been to this park, you are missing something. This is supposed to be the largest park of this kind in all of Latin America. The play equipment is FIRST Class.

I only took a couple photos because I didn’t think I would need my camera and I had to take these with my cheap Chinese cell phone. The following two photos are of the main equipment play area. I would guess there were around 60 kids in the park and all under adult supervision.

All of the play equipment, in the park, came from IQP in David.

More photos and directions to the park are on the Parque Jose Maria Roy post.

Luca and Isabela had a great time. I didn’t see a child that wasn’t extremely happy entering the park and was a little sad to leave when they had to go.

There was a couple of the traditional snow cone vendors at the entrance and they were having plenty of business.

While I was there, a young lady came up passing out fliers to a bilingual school I havent listed before. Actually, it was fliers for two schools. One was for preschool – MY FIRST SCHOOL (2 – 5 years of age) and one for grades 1 through 12 (King’s School). One of the fliers mentions another school called The Boston Academy. If I get a chance, I will try to go by the King’s School and learn some more.

In the mean time I will post the information that was passed out. Here are the front and back sides of the flier for MY FIRST SCHOOL.

Here are the front and back sides of the flier for King’ School.

I know nothing more than what is on the fliers.

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  1. Thought you might be interested Michael.

    Hi Karmyn, It is a great park for the little ones. It is really something that David should be proud of.

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