Restaurante Maná expands its services called “M.A.S.”

I received the following new business offering from Restaurante Maná.

Restaurante Maná expands its services called “M.A.S.”

Due to many immigrants frustrated and mad due to being cheated out of moneys and not getting a straight answer, I have been asked in many occasions to help in different situations. Therefore I have created “M.A.S.: Maná Assistance Service”

I was born in Panamá and I lived in the USA for 27 years. For many of those years I was a Project and Operations Manager and later became a Personal Financial Consultant. I know both cultures and systems pretty well. I am honest, dependable, organized and hard working.

M.A.S. is a place where you can trust a “yes” a “no” and a “I do not know, but I will find out”. We will only recommend people with good references or people we know personally. We will not do illicit work of any kind.

English interpretation (will not do certified translations or legal work)

By Phone (power company, water authority, cable company, phone company, etc.)

In Person – will personally go with you to (immigration department, lawyers, doctors, hospitals, government offices, shopping of any kind, meetings of any kind, construction permits, etc.)

Will help negotiate fees or contracts (to try and avoid overcharges or schemes to foreigners and get you the same price as locals)
For rentals (will find you properties for you to pick from)

Small constructions indoors or outdoors

Skilled labor (plumbing, electrical, renovations, small construction, maid services, etc.)

Chauffeur services (professional people that will drive your car. Will drive you anywhere, this includes long trips. All of them mature, honest and reliable. We also have 24 hour taxi drivers that we know and trust.

Handy man (for small projects around the house), Grass cutting services, Tree cutting services (small and medium trees), Trash hauling of any kind

Moving services, Send shopping list and we will shop for you, etc.

Fees: $10 per hour with a 2 hour minimum plus traveling expenses.
Some of the misc. services can be on a per job basis depending on its size.

Please ask for Jorge
Jorge Cedeño Anguizola
Phone numbers: Business: 774-25406; Business Cell: 6038-6239;
Personal Cell: 6461-2970

I have known Jorge since he returned to Panama and opened his restaurant. I consider him to be honest, dependable and a person that can be trusted. I wish him well in this business expansion.

18 thoughts on “Restaurante Maná expands its services called “M.A.S.”

  1. This is a great idea. We struggled with getting service set up, repairs done & just finding our way around when we first moved here. I will certianly recomend Jorge.

  2. We have known Jorge for several months, have used his services and can highly recommend him. We know he will be helpful to many.

  3. Thank you all for your good comments and wishes … I am eager to start helping people that need a little help and might sometimes feel discouraged and alone in a strange coutry.

  4. In short order Jorge got the folks at the electric company to fix an ongoing problem with our electric bill. This was something my previous paid mediator/translator was unable to do after several attempts that included phone calls and office visits filled with endless hours of discussion. Hours before we were to have the power cut off he accurately sized up the folks involve and using his tactful “can you help me” approach got the problem fixed….even got them to admit it was their problem! Jorge is the man! I highly recommend his services. He returns calls and emails promptly and was exactly on time for an appointment we made. All this for less then I paid my other mediator.


  5. We met Jorge and Vicki when we first moved to the area (January 2, 2010). They are wonderful people & I would not hesitate to recommend Jorge. My 11 year old son was given a butcher job by a barber in Boquete-all due to our inability to speak Spanish. We dropped by Jorge’s restaurant unannounced and asked him for help-he hopped into our truck and brought us straight to the barber he uses and explained what needed to be done (fix the hair!)…we will never forget that act of kindness. These are good, honest people.

  6. Hola Don! I got the message … I am still helping people anyway I can with MAS. Hope to see you soom “mi amigo perdido”

  7. Mr. Don. I just found your blog, I hope I can figure it out, How to make a new post. You have ALL Information on your website. I have lived here since 2005, I am married to a Panamanian woman. I am just curious about whether there is anywhere, I can check for employment for myself. I usually work 6 mos in the states every year, then come home. My wife would rather I stay here, So I am just curious, and starting to look. I am 56, good shape, and love to work, labor, or pretty much anything.

  8. Hi Richard. Being a blog, I am the only one who can make a post.

    Unless you are a Panamanian, you are going to need a work permit to work in Panama. That is unless you have your own business in which case you will have to employ 3 Panamanians.

  9. Thank you Mr. Don. I understand your answer complete. I appreciate your FAST response !!!! Your Website is Wonderful , LOTS of Information. I will be a steady user ):):):) Thank you for your time !!! Rick Nims


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