Another Milestone Almost Missed

Chiriquí Chatter quietly crossed the 4,000 post milestone. Still the thing that amazes me as much as anything is that CC has a greater than 4 comments per post average. The Spam comments, caught by the WordPress software, are above 90,000 now.

I read the other day that blogging is becoming an area that is inhabited mostly by those of us in the autumn of our lives. It seems the younger generation doesn’t have the time to blog and they only use the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but they are sort of hit and miss for me. I sometimes like to go back and see what I was doing a year or so ago. Seeing the changes that have occurred in the last 7 years in Chiriquí is easier on a blog than on one of the social sites.

I wonder if I can keep this up another 4,000 posts.

9 thoughts on “Another Milestone Almost Missed

  1. Ditto what Trish wrote. I check several blogs througout the week. However, I read your blog and one other every day. I always find something that interests me either about Panama (and David in particular) or technology. I don’t want to sound sycophantic but your blog is like a rudder on a ship for someone who is either thinking about moving to Chiriqui or who already lives there. I just wish you’d not raise the Valentine’s Day bar too high 🙂

  2. please do continue for another 4000!!!! Really enjoy reading about life in Chiriqui while I freeze to death in the frozen North.

  3. Funny how things have progressed from the hand-written letter to typed letter to email to website to blog to texting to tweet. You think it has to do with the younger crowd being too busy? I think it has more to do with a shortening of the attention span. Pretty soon they can just grunt at each other to get their point across – full circle back to the caveman!

    Keep up the good work my friend.

  4. Don Ray:
    Agree with you on who blogs. The ones I read everyday (you of course, and 2 others) are written by men over 50 yo.
    Congrats on the milestone!

  5. Every day we come here to get some vitamin D(igital). If it were not for you we would be sitting in the snow crying as they build our new home in David!

  6. Don,
    Keep on Blogging, Dude! (Feel younger, now?)
    Your blog keeps us in touch with our future home!
    We are planning to arrive in David this Saturday or Sunday for our next step in the immigration process – looking for a few hectares to purchase.
    We want to be in the 80 degree temperature range “uphill” from David, but out in the “bush”.
    I’ll give you a call when we get settled in and maybe we can get together for dinner – maybe even learn where we can meet some of the other ex-pats in the area.

    See you soon!

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