Cable Onda Has Moved

Yesterday, I wanted to stop by Cable Onda. If you didn’t know, it has moved. It is still on the same one way street, but a few blocks earlier than before and on the left side of the street. They used to be located to the right of Daisy.

It is much easier to park and I think the office space is laid out better.

I wanted to go by because I had heard from a person in Panama City that he had NBC and I wondered if it was available in David.

What I found out is that they have added a lot of stations and they are digital. It requires a new box and a $20 deposit per box. There are many other stations besides NBC and more movie channels and a good number of music channels. To get these new channels will cost you another $10 or so a month.

The also have 12 new HD channels and it also requires a new box and a $125 deposit. If you want the HD capability, it will cost you about $24 a month.

8 thoughts on “Cable Onda Has Moved

  1. Hmmm. I get the HD channels, but although they are digital, they are not HD (and the box from CableOnda was installed in December, so unless something has changed, I’m not sure you get true HD from them).

  2. Not much happening lately. Have some youngsters visiting while they are on school break. Things will get back to normal when they return to Panama City.

  3. And so it begins…As a new resident in Boquete I was prepared, I thought, to be without my favorite States affiliate stations, but not quite prepared for the lack of sports stations in English. Speed channel for Formula One? And BBC? Just how much must I do without as I get used to living in this beautiful country. I have new country TV angst. Cable Onda the only game in town that can do the job?

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