Decompression Therapy at Mae Lewis

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Dear Mr.Don Ray Williams:

I was encouraged to contact you, regarding the new medical breakthrough what we offering now at Dr. Villarreals´s NeuroClinics at Mae  Lewis Hospital in David.

What is Decompression Therapy?
Decompression Therapy is an FDA cleared, already proven advanced medical technology to treat a wide variety of severe low back conditions successfully. The procedures are focused on decompressing the disc, to reverse high amounts of pressure built up in the discs, to take the pressure off the nerves.

How Does Decompression Therapy Work?
The results are primarily achieved by creating negative intra-discal pressure, essencially a vacuum, to draw the bulging and herniated disc material back into the disc space and relieve pressure.
The ligaments that hold disc material in place become stretched or torn due to bulging or herniation. Decompression Therapy strengthens these ligament bands to heal  and prevent future recurrence.

What Kind of Procedures Decompression Therapy Consist Of?
In the first phase  of  each  treatment session physical therapy modelities are utilized to prepare the neuromuscular system. The second phase is the application of a computer controlled decompression table. This technology allows personalized, specific treatments creating intra-discal vacuum as prescribed based on high complexity new patient evaluation and  reexaminations.  The last set of therapies are designed to stabilize the patient´s improved condition. For reconditioning of the involved  core musculature, rehabilitation exercises are introduced as patient´s progress justifies.

What Conditions Does Decompression Therapy Treat?
Disc problems of many varieties, as bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerated discs, joint facet syndrome, sciatica, mild spondylolisthesis and stenosis. (During the patient´s evaluation process the few  contraindication cases are ruled out. )

What Are the Benefits of Decompression Therapy?
Improved quality of life, less or no limitation of daily activities, measured with range of motion, muscle strength, reported frequency, duration and grade of recurring discomfort.

All these services are offered less than 50% of the average US price. Different payment plans are also available to make the treatments even more affordable by offering additional discounts.

Thank you for considering to publish this news and to give relieve for back pain sufferers.
Please, contact me at your convenience.

Dr. Peter  Juhos,
Decompression Specialist

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  1. YES… I had this therapy done in the U.S. and NO it did not work. As a matter of fact I had surgery in the U.S. and had some disc removed from my spine. When I moved to Panama, Dr. Villareal operated on me as well. I had a third operation in Panama City and then called it quits and moved back to the states

  2. As a rehabilitation nurse for the last 10 years, I’ve worked with a lot of back injured patients. This post is my first encounter with Decompression Therapy, and I had to research it on the internet to educate myself. I’ve been in numerous spine specialist offices—neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, physiatrists, etc. but never ONCE heard this therapy mentioned. It appears that Decompression Therapy is a fancy version of spinal traction using a machine and is touted primarily by chiropractors. The claim made by the postee; ie,

    “Decompression Therapy is an FDA cleared, already proven advanced medical technology to treat a wide variety of severe low back conditions successfully”

    is misleading and untrue. For anyone wishing to become better informed on this therapy and the real scientific research on the treatment, I found the following site helpful.

  3. I have seen the procedure work for many patients over the last the 3 years. The procedures in this article are different than I have seen but when you use a good machine and proper protocols it really can work miracles. Why risk all the dangers of surgery when you could try this first. It seems people just like to post negative comments on procedures that they have never tried. PS noone ever died from infection after decompression therapy.

  4. I don’t know anything about decompression therapy but 4 years ago I came down with GBS which is a disease where your immune system attacks the sheath around your nerves. The result was that I spent four months in Mae Lewis paralyzed and on a breathing machine. Dr. Villarreals correctly diagnosed me immediately and I received what I consider very good care from him. I am now at least 90% recovered but I still have some nerve damage in my feet and fingers. I was lucky to have an excellent physical therapist who treated me after I got out of the hospital. Dr. Villarreals has a very agreeable manner with his patients. I like him.

    Robert Gillies

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