9 thoughts on “Smooth as a Baby’s Butt

  1. I guess you took the photo from your apartment? That makes it easy for anyone trying to track you down to find you. As they say………

  2. Hi DR – was SO pleased to come home today and see what had been happening and knew that you’d be posting on it. It appeared to me that some of the work was more than ‘patches’ and that it would take more than 3 rains… don’t care – it makes that last few blocks more than tolerable. As for knowing where you live… well, I guess you know where I live. Hmmmm. Take care. DSD

  3. Hi Don Ray,
    I think ANY time that you can get city workers busy with street repair is great! It also appears that there may be more workers than supervisors, thank goodness they haven’t copied the US model yet! 🙂
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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