Restaurante Aztec Revisited

On January 24, we went to Restaurante Aztec in Concepcion for breakfast. This is a new Mexican food restaurant and I vowed to return for lunch one day. That day was yesterday.

We had several errands to run and didn’t get to the restaurant until about 1:00 PM and there was a healthy crowd already filling most of the outside tables. That is always a good sign when you see plenty of people stopping at a restaurant to eat. You can refer to the previous post to see what is on the menu and for directions to the restaurant.

The three of us all ordered something different. Natalie ordered Sincronizadas pictured below.

Natalie said she liked the flavor. I didn’t try them, but they looked good to me.

Lilliam ordered the burritos pictured below.

The burritos also received good comments. Two for two.

I ordered something I had not heard of before called Chilaquiles pictured below.

It had a great flavor. It had fried tortillas mixed in with chicken and a special sauce. To the left was re-fried beans. Everything was covered with white farmers cheese. I REALLY liked it.

I ordered a margarita. Who can eat Mexican food without a margarita. I understand that Olga sometimes makes a strawberry flavored margarita and that it is very special. Next time I will see if it is available.

It is as good a margarita as I have had in Panama. Olga makes her own juice, so this is not a mix. It was sweet and tart and potent. I understand that Olga sometimes makes a strawberry flavored margarita and that it is very special. Next time I will see if it is available. At $2.50 it is a great deal.

It was a great meal and well worth my drive to Concepcion.

As we ate, I noticed these two birds above. They happily watched all of the guests eating their lunches. They reminded me of tiny penguins because of the white belly and the black back. They sat and watched for the entire time I was there.

Jose came by and welcomed us back and Olga’s son was our waiter. He asked if we would like to try one of the desserts. They had flan de la casa and a second item I don’t remember the name of. It is made with gelatin and peaches and I think cream cheese. Have you known me to pass on dessert? It is pictured below.

It was really good. Well worth the $1.50.

So the second visit to Restaurante Aztec was a grand success. I plan on returning. Remember, if you drop by, say hello to Jose and Olga if she comes out of the kitchen and tell them that Chiriquí Chatter recommended the the restaurant.

8 thoughts on “Restaurante Aztec Revisited

  1. We ate there again (2nd time) last night. The Sincronizadas are both Kim and my favorites. We also had the strawberry margaritas. Very good. I introduced myself to Jose (I wanted to talk about bamboo construction of which he has done a lot of) and found out that he is also an accomplished organic farmer. Both he and his(?) son will visit our finca on Wed for a consultation. We head back to the snow and cold of Virginia on Thursday but only for 2.5 weeks. Hasta leugo.

  2. Ron, where are you from in Virginia, I am from Virginia Beach and live part time in Boquete and the other back home.

  3. Don Ray:
    I feel bad for you, having to do all this food tasting so you can give us an accurate review of the restaurant. Take it easy.

  4. To James: We live in the Northern Shenandoah Valley in New Market, Virginia and our organic finca in Panama is located about 25 minutes west of Price Smart towards the frontera. We spend about equal times in either location. Of course this time of year, I prefer Panama. 😉

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