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With all the media attention that Toyota is getting in the US over the recall, I wonder what the Panama dealer has been told by Toyota and how many cars are affected.

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  1. Excellent question, Don Ray. And the fix may be in question as well. I found this in a NYTimes article:
    “The pedal manufacturer, the CTS Corporation in Elkhart, Ind., has begun shipping replacement pedals to be installed at Toyota plants. Mr. Michels said those pedals would be available to consumers if needed, however.
    Analysts predicted it would be weeks, at least, before dealers could resume sales of the recalled models, including the top-selling sedans in the United States, the Camry and the Corolla.
    CTS, in a statement, took issue with Toyota’s claim that the recall was made in part because partly depressed pedals could become stuck. CTS said that reports of unintended acceleration in some Toyota vehicles went back as far as 1999 but that it did not begin making pedals for Toyota until the 2005 model year.”

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. Hi J&N. I don’t have a Toyota, but if I did, I would research the model recalls that are being listed in the US and try to find out why that model in Panama would not have the same problem.

  3. This was addressed in the paper I read, Panama America. The spokesperson in Panama said the parts in question on models sold in Panama are made in Argentina (and a couple other places) but hence, were not part of the recall. Whether or not that’s true, is anyone’s guess, but nonetheless, there has been a statement.

  4. With 3 liters of Intercooled, turbo charged Toyota power at my disposal, why would I worry about the accelerator getting stuck? That’s the only way to get anywhere.
    Having had to make a rather rapid decision many years ago, I found it quite easy to turn off the ignition before my car went completely upside down and caught my 6 year old daughter as she fell on top of me from the passenger seat. Way before seat belts.

  5. They are saying on the news here in the States that the accelerator pods (it’s a potentiometer, or so it seems looking at the wires coming out of it) made by Denso in Japan are OK. My wife’s 2005 Highlander seems to have a pod that’s different to the Denso and the CTS pictures that I’ve seen. It also, as near as I can tell, is not on a recall list.

  6. Today there was news of a Prius problems. Personally, I would be extremely surprised if the problems are strictly a US problem. However, the desire by the company to fix problems if they can avoid it is not in common keeping of profit motivated companies. In third world countries it is less likely to get fixed.

  7. If I had a Toyota I would look into the recall. There are sites you can check by VIN. I think Kelly Blue Book has links. (KBB.com)

    There are a mix of these cars here, some from the US some from Japan and like another said maybe from Argentina. If you just ask at the dealer I am (almost) sure they will tell you there is no problem with your car, a way of life here. I have been in stores many times and asked if they had a certain product and told, no we don’t. No effort to check for it, after looking for myself, sure enough it is there!

    From what I have read about this cars from Japan are not effected by the recall but still I would check by VIN. Just because a car is recalled in the US or Germany it does not mean that the dealers here will or have to notify you.

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