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Was Your Favorite Restaurant Closed?

Just received the following email. I wish it had named names. If your favorite restaurant was closed, leave a comment.

From……: Scott

Hi Don
Found this on and thought it may be of interest to you.


Restaurants in David closed for failure to meet health standards

Several restaurants in the district of David, located in the province of Chiriquí, were closed yesterday, Wednesday, for not complying with the rules set forth in the current Health Code.

José Luis Castillo, Medical Director of the Ministry of Health in Chiriquí, informed that the food establishments would be permitted to resume operations once they have satisfactorily remedied the many irregularities detected by officials from the Sanitation and Food Protection department.

“This is not a persecution or an act to deprive anyone of their right to work; Rather, it is about enforcing laws designed to protect the lives and health of the general population,” said the official.

Castillo further reported that health officials would continue carrying out these operations indefinitely in an effort to assure the public that these establishments are complying with the stipulated health standards and taking their customers’ health and safety into consideration.

UPDATE: I was just told that it was in Las Lomas, which is considered in David. Restaurants dealing with comida corriente.

Gas Prices

Gas Prices

A reader sent me a notice that gas prices will go down this weekend.

From……: Scott

Gas prices, wait to fill up

Consumers to pay less at the pump this weekend
The price of fuel in Panama is set to go down this coming weekend, according to an announcement made yesterday by the National Secretariat of Energy.

Beginning this Saturday, Jan. 30, a gallon of 95 octane gasoline will drop by six cents, and 91 octane by eight cents. Meanwhile, consumers requiring diesel fuel will see a decline of 15 cents at the pump, according to the official report.

With these changes, filling up your tank will cost you $3.13 per gallon for 95 octane, $2.94 per gallon for 91 octane, and $2.61 a gallon for diesel.

These consumer retail prices will remain in place until Feb. 10, 2010.

Two Dogs Need a Good Home

UPDATE: Both dogs have been adoptid.

I received the following email:

From……: Carol

My husband and I live in a small neighborhood in David. We have the need of a home for 2 dogs.

One is a small spayed female with 3 legs (but that doesn’t slow her down) the other is a young neutered male of just under a year.

If you know of someone or can take these happy, loving animals please contact me at

The photos follow: Continue reading Two Dogs Need a Good Home

Restaurante Azteca in Concepcion

Saturday we went to Concepcion for Breakfast at a new restaurant that has been open for about three weeks. It is Restaurante Azteca and is on the left side of the road that goes toward Volcan. Turn of the InterAmerican highway and go toward Volcan. Watch on the left and you will see the restaurant shown in the following photo.

The restaurant is run by Jose and Olga.

Jose said “Mi restaurante es su casa.” He also said if you don’t see what you want on the menu, ask him and if they can make it , then they will make it for you. That is what I call hospitality. Continue reading Restaurante Azteca in Concepcion